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Tycoon Celebrates His Daughter’s Wedding By Building And Handing Out 90 Houses To Slum Dwellers


A tycoon from the Aurangabad district of western India has warmed the hearts of people across the globe. He’s going into the record books for one of 2016’s good deeds. Ajay Piramal Munot – one of the wealthiest people in India – decided to re-direct the money he had set aside for his daughter’s wedding. He saw the poverty of his birthplace and ultimately he decided to help the community where he came from.

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Munot constructed a colony for homeless people consisting of 90 12 by 20 sq. ft houses. Each of the houses has two windows, two doors, a light fitting and a fresh coat of paint. He also invested in a brand-new filtered fresh water supply system connected to each home. According to the Telegraph, the investment is thought to be worth around the $116,000 mark.

Munot has set three criteria for the new settlers: to live in poverty, to currently reside in a slum and not to suffer from any drug-related addictions.

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Presently, Ajay Munot is one of India’s richest businessmen. His net worth is estimated to be around the $3.3 billion, which ranks him among the 50 richest people in India. He is the head of the Piramal Group, a former textile producer which he helped develop in a conglomerate working with pharmaceuticals, finance and real estate.

It is said that Munot’s daughter, Sheyra, is delighted by her father’s decision and that she and her husband “will consider it a marriage gift”. Consequently, they personally handed out the keys to the first people moving in after the wedding ceremony.

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In addition, her father underlined the importance he believes giving back to the community has for every society. He has encouraged other wealthy businessmen to follow his example.

“This is the new chapter in history and I hope that the same concept will be followed by the other rich communities,” Munot said. “We have some responsibilities towards our society and we tried to comply with it.”

India has 78 million homeless people, which includes 11 million street children. Munot’s gift of 90 houses will make a huge difference to the new homeowners. Hopefully, his generosity will encourage other wealthy people to thank society for their success too.

Source:BOOM, awm

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