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The Ugliest Swimsuits Of 2017 – At Least So Far

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Fashion is a subjective thing. Everyone has different tastes regarding what they like to wear, and if you’re fashion-conscious, the best thing to do is to stick to what you like to wear and respect other people’s taste, even if they aren’t to your liking and you think they’re just a little bit strange.

So far, 2017’s fashion trends have been all over the place. Items that have been dominating this year seriously divide opinions. I’m talking mom jeans, fishnets, Vans, chokers, clear lenses, rose gold, camo and one that I genuinely don’t understand; furry slippers.

One other fashion item that seems to get a lot of attention this year is the single-piece swimsuit. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, particularly if it fits the wearer perfectly, over the past few months, we’ve seen some truly terrible swimsuits that just simply are worthy of the word “No”.

Here are some of the worst offenders!

1. The unicorn trend really isn’t going away any time soon, is it?

If this bikini tried to put one more rainbow or unicorn on it, I think my soul would die.

swimsuits 1

Source:Forever 21

2. No sunscreen needed

Just wear a choker on your neck instead! Loving the eyeliner there as well.

These Are So Far The Ugliest Swimsuits Of 2017 2

Source:Forever 21

3. This particular photo demonstrates several hot trends of this year

We have the choker, the rose gold shades in… that shape, but the suit says Hot Sauce, in gold letters.

Just… why?

These Are So Far The Ugliest Swimsuits Of 2017 3

Source:Forever 21

4. This is just impractical

That choker trend is not going to die anytime soon.



5. Show as much skin as possible!

Imagine the tan lines.



6. MTV called, and even they won’t take this swimsuit back



7. Everything wrong with today’s fashion, this swimsuit has it all

It’s pink, it has a mesh and it says SURF VIBES in big, rose gold foil letters.


Source:Forever 21

8. Sequin seahorses do a great job of covering your nips!

I’m not convinced, however.


Source:Forever 21

9. Great idea!

Velvet in the middle of the summer, why the heck not?


Source:Forever 21

10. Wow! Seductive!



Source: Missguided

11. Okay, this one may not be that bad



12. This could have been a great suit, but then they put a random hole in the middle


Source: Asos

13. This is just a crop top bikini top

Tan lines are overrated….


Source: Asos

14. Shells

Once again, how would this look like on a woman with slightly larger breasts?


Source:Forever 21

15. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “four eyes”



16. Why would you do this to Ariel?


Source: Etsy | NewVelikan

17. Now this looks like something from the early 2000s



18. Look at them flowers!

Looks like a DIY project.


Source: Asos

19. Underpants over underpants

And let’s not mention that it features three different colors, none of which work with each other.


Source: Asos

And of course, this is what happens when you wear such things:



Would you ever rock a swimsuit like this? Let us know in the comments!


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