The Ultimate 2016 Out Of This World Cake Design Mega Post

The Ultimate 2016 Out Of This World Cake Design Mega Post

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This is the ultimate cake design compilation video for 2016. It features 30 designs that are a-class exercises in design and dexterity.

Icing ruffles, drawing hearts on the slickest cake surface imaginable.

Here at MetDaan, I often dabble in desserts. When I say dabble, I mean that I seldomly write about cake recipes which I think our audience will find easy to make. I also dabble in cake tasting. I eat cake. A lot.

Us humans, we mostly eat with our eyes. We know how something will taste judging it just by how it looks. The better it looks, the tastier we think it is. This is due to a whole series of learned and natural responses.

I wish to select a couple of the designs featured in this video which I find to be a fine example of the importance of the craft.

Check these cake designs and get back to me in the comments. Hungry yet?

Pink Surface Purple Hearts

cake design 1

Immaculate Flower Patterns On A Purple Fondant

cake design 2

The Watermelon Icing

cake design 3

Pastel Roses Wedding Cake

cake design 4

Biscuit Cups Topped With Cookies

cake design 5

Thousands Of Blue Petals

cake design 6

The Optical Illusion Cake Pattern

cake design 7

Liquid Icing Ring

cake design 8

Go on indulge yourself with this salivating video!

Source:Đại Dương Xanh

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