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36 Unexpected Findings That Will Surprise You


A surprise can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re big and bold, sometimes tiny, barely noticeable. Some may be unpleasant and hard to swallow, but others will bring a smile to our face. I bet most of these will cheer you up, especially knowing that some of them were really unexpected.

1. This written adage found in a grocery store

You have to appreciate the wit and the advertising copyright talent of this grocer.

surprise 1

Source: Reddit | Moofisilla

2. This sign found in a library, maybe a tad misleading

Makes you wonder what kind of literature are kids into these days. Boy, times sure have changed.

surprise 2

Source: Reddit | mays85

3. When you find your doppelgänger at a concert

The real question is how it’s decided who is the doppelgänger and who is the original. Is it an issue of who spots whom first?

surprise 3

Source: Reddit | elvegu

4. You’re from Lilliput, and you’ve just discovered Gulliver’s sneaker?

I bet this nice old lady is pondering about how to plant a pumpkin in this, hoping it would turn out to be the giant kind.

surprise 4

Source: Reddit

5. This spoon sure surprised my teeth

The doctor said I need more iron in my diet, but probably he did not have this on his mind as a way to get it.

surprise 5

Source: Reddit | ihavesoreballs

6. This engaged carrot waiting for the wedding day way too long

If you put a ring on it, then follow through and do what’s right: marry it!

surprise 6

Source: Reddit | le_fromage_puant

7. This cockroach enjoying a fancy meal in an office break room

He wonders what wine goes well with spaghetti Bolognese. Merlot perhaps? No, Cabernet is better.

surprise 7

Source: Reddit | Maximus7713

8. What part of the recipe said ‘add a pair of glasses’?

You simply have to read carefully through the recipe several times to be sure. This New Age cooking class seems to be too much for grandma.

surprise 8

Source: Reddit | Bosco_George

9. Greenhouse garden just got brand new execution

And also, it just goes to show that life really finds a way to carry on, no matter what.

surprise 9

Source: Reddit | SoManyShades

10. This kid is prepared!

One of the most important lessons in life is to learn to plan ahead and for every contingency. This kid is going places.surprise 10

Source: Reddit | USMC_0481

11. This frog in a lettuce package

Life depends on the perspective you have. This amphibian seems to have it figured all out – a place of your own, free food, travel. What more could one want?

surprise 11

Source: Snopes

12. Never be judgmental of people’s eating habits

So, it’s a hole in the middle of the peanut-butter jar. No need to get your imagination all fired up. He probably eats just the crust from the bread too.

surprise 12

Source: Twitter | @NOLIMITNIA

13. Look for Jesus, and you will find him

He can be (and is) everywhere, you just need to have an open heart so you can find him. Don’t peel that banana, ’cause you might lose him again.

surprise 13

Source: Heavy.com

14. This brand of edamame is trying so hard to be liked!

Whoever thought of this is borderline genius. When on a diet, you get ‘rewarded’ when you finally want to try something healthy.

surprise 14

Source: Reddit | Standard_Candle

15. One potato chip to rule them all!

Wow, I bet you can spread half a jar of dipping sauce on this chip only.

surprise 15

Source: Reddit | Joe2pointOh

16. Cleanliness is godliness, so thank God for these $20

Now go and thank your mom for trying so hard to teach you how to use soap.

surprise 16

Source: Instagram | @melaninprincessaa

17. You go to museums to discover something new

Or maybe something old too, like say your great-great grandpa.

surprise 17

Source: Imgur | WreckedTangled

18. A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away?

Some enjoy champagne while taking a bath, I like me some Cabernet while in the shower.

surprise 18

Source: Reddit | justgrant2009

19. This wife who found a special prize at the bottom of the cereal box

surprise 19

Source: Twitter | @LanetteL

20. When you find a friend where you least expect it

The bathroom should be a place of solitude, right? Is nothing sacred anymore?


surprise 20

Source: Instagram | @memes

21. In the age of communication, anything can be a medium to convey the news

Let’s just hope it’s all good news like this. Well, if the coffee was good, why not.

surprise 21

Source: Twitte | @annacatkopsky

22. The guy who found a couch potato sandwich

surprise 22

Source: Twitter | @fourzerotwo

23. Tell you kid veggies give you energy, then wonder why the remove does not work

surprise 23

Source: Reddit | RequiemForATaco

24. You wanted one, but you got two instead

How did that banana get into the other one? Was it that lonely and desperate?


surprise 24

Source: theCHIVE

25. Those who plan ahead, have a great future?

If you have all your bases covered, no need to worry, just go out and have a good time.

surprise 25

Source: Imgur | triplenerdscore

26. Some unlucky kid will get a nasty surprise while playing at McDonald’s

surprise 26

Source: Fun Cage

27. They say faith can be the greatest weapon against evil

In case words fail to get the message across, have a backup plan, OK?

surprise 27

Source: Instagram | @tsa

28. Sometimes art imitates life… or was it the other way around?

Maybe this is the SF museum, where there’s a mirror showing your reflection, but 300 years in the past?

surprise 28

Source: Imgur | Davidurbon

29. Grandma sure looks like a fan of the greenery!

Have some understanding, sometimes being elderly can be pretty boring.

surprise 29

Source: Imgur | smeen

30. The carrot who smiled at the vegan!

I wonder if he ate it? The carrot clearly has a soul. Just look at that face!

surprise 30

Source: Reddit | shegoesgentle

31. Whatever words we put here will fail to describe these pair of ice skates engulfed by a tree. How?!

surprise 31

Source: Reddit | Dspot16

32. This mom who tried to surprise her kid on parents day

Embarrassing your kid in college, in front of his new friends, is surely the best way to get back some of the respect he lost for you in high school.

surprise 32

Source: Twitter | @kennapilling

33. This cab driver who got quite a tip. And then anonymously tipped the police, I guess.

surprise 33

Source: eBaum’s World

34. When a tree starts growing in the back seat of someone’s car…

…you can be pretty sure that back seat hasn’t seen much action lately!

surprise 34

Source: Reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

35. He wondered why the last time he changed the oil, it looked kind of murky

surprise 35

Source: Reddit | chequesformike

36. If you’re going to spend the day in the library, you have to plan your lunch

surprise 36

Source: Imgur | meowkakmeow
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