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36 Things No-One Expects To Find In… Well, Anywhere Really


Have you ever taken an old jacket out of the closet and found some money you never knew you had? Or found a long-lost treasured possession in the strangest of places? If you have, then you know the feeling you get when you stumble upon something out of the blue. But, unfortunately, life isn’t always so kind. Most of life’s surprises are extremely weird, as demonstrated by this list of items you’d never in a million years expect to come upon.

1. A “helpful” suggestion in a grocery store in Florida

I have heard of potatoes being used as a source of electricity, but never of cucumbers. Perhaps I should brush up on my science.

This sign found in a Florida grocery store

Source: Reddit | Moofisilla

2. A naughty sign asking for silence in a library

I can just imagine the librarian, sick of asking people to be quiet, when suddenly illumination strikes! Use a sign with an acronym easy to remember! Secret meanings? What you could possibly mean?

This silent reading sign found in a library

Source: Reddit | mays85

3. Your doppelgänger

They say everyone in the world has one, but it must be extremely weird to chance upon someone who looks exactly like you.

This person found their doppelgänger at a concert

Source: Reddit | elvegu

4. A size 20 shoe at a hand-me-down store

Size doesn’t matter, but too much is too much.

This size 20 shoe found at a secondhand store

Source: Reddit

5. Silverware in the dessert

They probably knew the spoon fell inside, but didn’t want to put their hand in the sticky, mushy dough to retrieve it.

This silverware surprise hidden in the banana bread

Source: Reddit | ihavesoreballs

6. An engagement ring on a carrot

This is how you get your fiancé to buy you a better engagement ring. Just chuck it in the garden and pretend you’ve lost it. Until the carrot betrays you!

This engagement ring that was found strangling a carrot thirteen years after it was lost

Source: Reddit | le_fromage_puant

7. A roach enjoying an Italian dinner in its office

Who said fine dining was reserved for humans only? Bugs are people too! Oh, wait…

This roach is enjoying an Italian dinner in an office break room

Source: Reddit | Maximus7713

8. A pair of glasses baked into some bread

Well, obviously they couldn’t see their glasses without their glasses!

This pair of glasses baked into some bread

Source: Reddit | Bosco_George

9. A plant living underground in a buried soda bottle

Nature will always find a way!

This plant someone discovered living underground in a buried soda bottle

Source: Reddit | SoManyShades

10. An “emergency” kit in a kid’s room

Always be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! Though, he should probably put some hardtack and some toilet paper in there too.

This "emergency" kit found in a kid's room

Source: Reddit | USMC_0481

11. A frog in a bag of lettuce

If I don’t move, perhaps no-one will notice me…

This amphibious friend found in a bag of lettuce

Source: Snopes

12. An interestingly carved-out jar of peanut butter

Well, it’s simple: he was trying to finish the butter while making it appear that the jar is still full; obviously, he’d start in the middle. It’s just a prank, bro.

This interestingly carved-out jar of peanut butter found under the bed

Source: Twitter | @NOLIMITNIA

13. Jesus on a banana

There have been numerous sightings of Jesus on everyday objects. Coincidence or something more?

This person who found Jesus...in their banana

Source: Heavy.com

14. A bag of edamame full with Snickers bars

Where should I hide my secret stash of sweets? Oh, I know! Brilliant!

This bag of edamame secretly harbors Snickers bars!

Source: Reddit | Standard_Candle

15. A gigantic potato chip in a bag of Lays

I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty disappointed to find a whole bag of chips containing a single chip, no matter how big.

This ginormous potato chip found in a bag of Lays

Source: Reddit | Joe2pointOh

16. Money in a bar of soap

This can’t be an accident, though, right? Someone must have rolled the 20 dollar bill and neatly placed it in there…

This person who found a free meal in a bar of soap

Source: Instagram | @melaninprincessaa

17. A portrait of your past life

Although, it could be the same guy. He is just immortal and doesn’t age. Kinda like Keanu Reeves.

 This guy who found his long lost family line

Source: Imgur | WreckedTangled

18. A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon discovered in the bathroom by the husband

Be responsible people! No alcohol in the shower! It’s extremely dangerous. Especially, if you get discovered.

The husband who found a Cabernet Sauvignon in the shower

Source: Reddit | justgrant2009

19. The husband’s wedding ring in the cereal box

Plot twist: the husband actually works in the cereal factory.

This wife who found a special prize at the bottom of the cereal box

Source: Twitter | @LanetteL

20. A frog in the toilet

You can count yourself lucky that it wasn’t a snake…

This person who found a bathroom companion

Source: Instagram | @memes

21. A surprise for the boyfriend on the bottom of the mug

This would make a great April Fools Day prank. Just proceed with caution.

The boyfriend who discovered a very interesting piece of information at the bottom of his coffee mug

Source: Twitte | @annacatkopsky

22. A couch potato sandwich

Want some fries with that?

The guy who found a couch potato sandwich

Source: Twitter | @fourzerotwo

23. Carrots in the remote

Again, people come up with all these alternative sources of electricity. Green energy, people! Save the Earth, use carrots!

This parent who finally discovered where their kids hid their veggies

Source: Reddit | RequiemForATaco

24. A double banana

One of them was planned, the other an accident…

 The person who discovered a second banana in the most expected yet unexpected place

Source: theCHIVE

25. A surprise from me to me!

There are happy drunks, sad drunks, angry drunks, and then there are drunks who care about the future.

This person who woke up to a surprise from themself

Source: Imgur | triplenerdscore

26. A surprise at McDonald’s

Poor kid! Gonna have a lifelong fear of ball pits…

The very unlucky kid who got a surprise while playing at McDonalds

Source: Fun Cage

27. Bullets in Bibles

Words may cut deeper than knives, but not deeper than bullets.

This TSA agent who thought they'd seen everything

Source: Instagram | @tsa

28. A portrait of yourself from the Renaissance

She’s must be a time traveler.

Just imagine, you're wandering through a museum of Renaissance masterpieces, and suddenly you happen upon this.

Source: Imgur | Davidurbon

29. Grandma’s socks

TMI, Granma, TMI…

 The person who spotted these socks on Grandma

Source: Imgur | smeen

30. A happy carrot

What are you smiling about?

The vegetarian who found a smile in their carrot

Source: Reddit | shegoesgentle

31. A pair of ice skates in a tree

Soon the only trace of their existence will be this photo…

This person who found a pair of ice skates in an interesting place

Source: Reddit | Dspot16

32. Your mum in your dorm

Overprotective mother is overprotective.

The freshman who had a surprise on move in day

Source: Twitter | @kennapilling

33. A gold AK-47… in a cab…

How do you…? But if…Why would you…?  I don’t even know anymore…

This cab driver who must have unwittingly given Tony Montana a ride

Source: eBaum’s World

34. A plant growing in the backseat

Where there is light, there is life.

The redditor who found the beginnings of a garden in his back car seat

Source: Reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

35. Glasses on the underside of the car

*Smacks head* So, that’s where I left them! Thank Goodness they weren’t in the bread…

This person who stumbled upon the glasses they lost years ago

Source: Reddit | chequesformike

36. A rice cooker in a library

Asians need food too! Their super intelligent brains can’t run on water. They need a steady supply of freshly cooked rice.

The library patrons who wondered where that smell was coming from

Source: Imgur | meowkakmeow
From: diply

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