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Unexplained Mysteries About Time Travel


What would you do if time travel was available for you? Would you go back in time? Would you visit the future? Back To The Future taught us that tampering with future or past events can make a significant change. While other sensational pop-culture stories told us that one should always avoid appearing in photographs, and yet, here we are, with all these unsolved cases, allegedly involving time travel that no one can really explain, and many have seriously tried.

Ever heard of ‘The Hipster’? The woman with ‘the cell phone’ from the 1930s? Or maybe you have noticed that Jennifer Lawrence has a much older, inexplicably dated photograph circulating the internet?

Hoaxes or not, it is still interesting to see how some coincidences, that have no living witnesses now manage to baffle us and brainpick to this very day. How would you explain them?

You can also share an unexplained time travel mystery in the comments, in case you don’t see it in the video.


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