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This Unique Rainbow Dye Makes Your Hair Glow In The Dark

Manic Panic

When it comes to a unique and trendy style, there are countless possibilities. Technologies are constantly developing, and some things which were previously unimaginable are now available with a single click.

In the past few years, we have seen many innovative hair products emerging which have caused styling revolution.

People can easily spice up their personal styles, and we saw some trying out more daring do’s. Do you remember the hilarious hairstyle which turns hair into a top hat?

Manic Panic is a brand which is producing ingeniously fashionable hair and makeup products for decades. They were the ones who came out with unique colors like the sensual ‘Vampire Red,’ the dazzling ‘Electric Lizard,’ and an ethereal ‘Virgin Snow.’

Now they have taken the rainbow styles to a whole new futuristic level as well. Women are going crazy for the glow-in-the-dark dyes. Although these dyes last for about five weeks every single night the hair looks absolutely breathtaking!


Manic Panic is A BRAND Established by the sisters Tish and Snooky in 1977. They began as a hair coloring and cosmetics company based in New York City with a simple idea.

The sisters liked to add flair to the punk and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

But their company grew and they produced amazing lines of foundations, eye makeup, hair extensions, and dyes.


Manic Panic offers “hair dyes in every color of the rainbow.”

You can order them through Amazon.

They take care all of their products to be cruelty-free which means that it’s vegan. Therefore instead of testing on animals the products are tried out and flaunted by celebrities.

Probably you have seen that Jared Leto loves using Manic’s line of neon-hued dyes among other famous people.


Under the name “High Voltage” this color dyes (from which  44 different shades are available) may look pretty standard at first glance.

They are vibrant and sleek, and each dye can be mixed and matched to suit any style and skin tone.

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