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Be Unique For Halloween – 20 Interesting Halloween Ideas


Barbie Doll

If you want to look like the most famous doll in the world, just try YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson’s incredible tutorial. Get a straight blonde wig on you, pink dress and barbie makeup. Girl you are ready to go!


Skeleton Head

There are a ton YouTube videos who can help you paint your face like a skeleton. The secret is in the shadowing. After you are done, take a dark eye shadow and brush around all of the black.


Pop Art Woman

Outline your face with strategically placed black trim and add red dots all over your face. The next step is to put on your favorite dress. You will look so artish!


The Little Mermaid

Who doesn’t want to be a sea Princess? Just get a red wig and watch a tutorial on YouTube for gorgeous Mermaid makeup, make a seashell bra and you are ready to go!


Ursula the Sea Witch

While Ariel’s makeup is beautiful, let’s be honest: Being the evil sea witch Ursula is much more fun. Get this villainous look by following YouTuber Goldiestarling’s brilliant tutorial.


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