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United Irish women versus the 8th amendment with a striking video message


“If the church and the state insist, then let us be the descendants of all the witches they could not drown” is part of the powerful message of the Irish women from the Repeal project. In the short video entitled “We face this land” they are urging the state to repeal the 8th amendment.
This awareness raising video directed by the award-winning director Dave Tynan is taking the internet by storm. Even Bob Crow brigade, a US-supported group of British and Irish volunteers embedded with Kurdish forces in northern Syria, tweeted its support for the proposed changes to the Irish Constitution earlier this week.
Many netizens think the time has come for Ireland to become pro-choice. They are expressing their support and some of them  even share the suffering they have been tough.
“I had an abortion, I’ve never felt that I could tell anyone that until now. This is a changed Ireland, it’s time our Constitution reflected that.”
“This is incredibly moving and so important. ‘A veterinarian will abort a calf if a cow is falling ill. How is it that livestock is worth more to this land than us?’ – Medical complications can and often do arise through coming to term be it for a woman or fetus through pre-existing conditions, FFA, miscarriage to name a few. Do you think a woman’s life filled with social ties- family, friends, even children- is less worthy than the possibility of life? If I had to chose between my mother’s, aunt’s, sister’s, cousin’s, niece’s, friend’s, or my life over a fetus- I would choose the women I know and love and TRUST to make her decision, every. Single. time.”
“So very moving. Beautiful, powerful message. No more shame. Solidarity with all those women who’ve traveled across the sea before us. And for my and all of our right to choose.”

This are just some of the comments written by women which are stressing the importance of the problem. At least 12 women leave Ireland each day to perform abortion abroad. In a previous discussion about the right to abortion with MetDaan, Dr. Urlich Kropiunigg-Reserach Director of Women Without Borders explained the consequences of the abortion tourism:
“We have seen the consequences from this law in Western Europe and worldwide.  I personally know girls who were in great danger to be jailed because of what they have done. Also many are putting them self in danger making abortions on a black market,  everything is very unsafe and many even died due to unprofessionally performed abortions. ”

Among the women who raised their voice in the video to support the woman’s right to choose are some of the most famous Irish names. Tara Flynn, Aoibhinn McGinnity, Seána Kerslake, Róisín Ingle, Ailbhe Smyth, Una Mullaly, Senator Lynn Ruane, her daughter Jordanne Jones, Charlene McKenna, Eleanor Methven, Louise Bruton, Sinead Gleeson, MayKay from Fight Like Apes and Niamh Algar took part in the short video and broke the silence about the Golgotha many pregnant women have been trough since 1983.
The organizer of the outwear Repeal Project, Anna Cosgrave feels happy with the success of the video. She is grateful to the team of volunteers who generously offered their help.
“When an all-male team approached me, showing such passion for the ProChoice movement and willing to volunteer resources I was absolutely blown away.”
“Their vision twinned with Sarah Maria Griffin’s poem really articulates so well why change needs to happen, and my voice couldn’t travel as far as this piece will,” she said.
This summer UN human rights committee has called on the Irish government to reform the 8th amendment and ruled out that it subjected a woman to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and violated her human rights.
Yet, all the supporters of the Repeal Project have long fight ahead of them. There are still many Irish citizens who are against.

Source:Project Repeal

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