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There Was Something Pretty Unusual About Ed Sheeran’s Glastonbury Performance And People Were Divided


The cute and handsome English singer and songwriter, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, has divided people after Sunday night’s closing of the Glastonbury Festival 2017. Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing artists, taking place near Pilton, Somerset (England). Two days ago, the 26-year-old singer took to the Pyramid Stage to close the festival, but some of his fans were not so thrilled. Feeling somewhat nervous and alone with his guitar on stage, Ed couldn’t hide his feelings. However, his performance was more than perfect for many, but there was something very unusual about this particular act.


“Glastonbury, how are you doing?” yelled Ed, obviously feeling  bit shaky, as he faced, for the first time, the more than 100,000 people at the Pyramid Stage on Sunday night.

“I have to admit, I’m very nervous, but I’m very excited, very excited,” the 26-year-old singer confessed.

Millions of people tuned in all over the world to watch the singer doing his thing on the stage. But something was pretty strange.


Sheeran replaced about three acoustic guitars, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s about the crowd.


Illuminating Sheeran, the packed audience could (almost) all be seen shining the torches on their smartphones. How on Earth did they have any battery left?

And although shy and alone, Ed was certainly “killing it” on stage, some fans had other opinion. Some of the people waiting to see Foo Fighter returns, weren’t so happy about the sound of Galway Girl. “This Ed Sheeran set is basically Eurovision,” one Twitter user wrote. The Guardian called him “defiantly alone and thrilling raw”; NME said his set was “an absolute triumph”; and The Telegraph called it a “wonderful end to a wonderful Glastonbury”.

Here is an interesting video of Ed sharing his thoughts about communication and the fact that he doesn’t have a phone, but he prefers email instead.

It might have been the wrong place or the wrong atmosphere for some, but it is certain that Glastonbury worked well to gather and cater for everyone’s taste, from Ed Sheeran to the House Gospel Choir and even, Jeremy Corbyn. And Ed had a wonderful torch-lit sky. We thank him for his performance!


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