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9 Unusual & Genius Uses For Toothpaste You Weren’t Aware Of


What’s minty, whitens your teeth, and can clean things like your silver jewelry, your iPhone, and your scuffed shoes? That’s right, the toothpaste you use in your morning and evening routine isn’t just for cleaning your teeth anymore! Take your tube out of the bathroom for a change and try using this unlikely household cleaner in these 9 clever ways.

1. Scuffed shoes

9 Unusual & Genius For Toothpaste You Weren't Aware Of 1

A small amount of paste directly applied to the scuffed up area on your shoes can get rid of them easily. Toothpaste is also very helpful at cleaning white colored shoes.

2. Crayon marks

Did your kids get some crayons on the wall by accident? Gently rub a damp cloth with toothpaste on the spot on the wall that has the crayon coverage to clean it up.

3. Silver jewelry

9 Unusual & Genius For Toothpaste You Weren't Aware Of 2

As jewelry ages, it tends to get a little bit dinged up, especially silver jewelry. Toothpaste to the rescue! A small amount rubbed on dull jewels, and after leaving it sit overnight, it will be restored back to tip-top shape.

4. Defogging goggles

Working with dangerous tools in the garage, such as welding metal or carving some wood requires that you wear goggles. These tend to fog up after intensive use. But don’t spend your hard-earned cash on defogging gel, toothpaste will do the job just fine!

5. Car headlamps

If you have a newer car, it tends to have plastic headlamp covers, and this means they’re more likely to mist up. Cleaning the plastic covers up with toothpaste will make your car look like new and it will allow you to see better on the roads.

6. Sneaker soles

As I mentioned earlier, toothpaste is very useful at cleaning up white shoes and making them look as good as new, and white bottom shoes are also easily cleaned with this method.

7. Piano keys


If you’re a passionate piano player, then you ought to keep your prized possession as clean as possible. A bit of the minty stuff along with water will clean those keys and make them shiny.

8. Coffee cups

Drinking coffee daily tends to leave stains in our favorite mugs. Scrubbing those stains with a little bit of toothpaste will return the shine to your mugs and make them always ready to take some coffee.

9. Water stains


Hardwood and furniture in your house can definitely get noticeable stains by water. As with everything else on this list, toothpaste will do the job just fine.

Have any more unusual uses for toothpaste? Let us know in the comments!


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