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Scientists Say That These 7 Unusual Things Make Women More Attractive To Men


Many scientists have done excessive research trying to figure out what women actually want in men. However, it seems like they have spent much less time researching the reverse when it comes to men and what is it about women that attracts them the most.

So, you may wonder, what makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Your eyes, your body or maybe your hair. Of course, physical features are often the first thing that is noticed, right? But, no they’re not the only things that make women attractive to men. Humor, personality, and courage are only some of the other features that are added to this list.

Today, women look more attractive than ever, so one might think that it would be easy to conclude what features attract men the most. However, it is not that simple. A research shows that there are some odd and atypical things that make women appealing to men.

You are probably intrigued to know what is that they are looking for, so scroll down to see some of the surprisingly unconventional qualities, according to science, courtesy of Aunty Acid.


1. A little bit of a tummy

It is widely believed that men find skinny women more attractive. However, it is actually about your bodily proportions, as research shows that men are actually more attracted to an hourglass figure, for instance. So, that a little bit of belly fat can actually be quite attractive.

Well, where is the problem then? Grab that slice of your favorite chocolate cake and next time you order pizza, don’t think twice about that second slice.


2. Light tan lines

Women usually can’t relax properly, while sunbathing. They are always thinking about those tan lines and how later they need to cover them up. But, worry no more ladies. According to scientists, those light patches make you look more naked than you actually are and that, of course, draws more attention.


3. Being a little bit sweaty

You wouldn’t think of this one even in your wildest dreams, would you? You tend to be even more nervous if you realize that actually it is a bit hotter than you expected and you are now a bit sweaty. No worries. Even though we don’t see it as a sexy thing, according to scientists, the smell can be unknowingly attractive.


4. Not wearing makeup

If you can’t imagine your partner seeing you without makeup, don’t despair. Actually, research shows that 40% of people find women more attractive when they’re not wearing makeup. Even better, right?  You can finally let your skin breathe now.


5. Infectious laughter

Of course, the humor. Everybody likes someone who can make them laugh, right? Scientists agree, too. So, if you meet someone who makes you laugh sincerely, then your relationship may be the one.


6. Messy hair

Men like messy hair so they can easily get close to you and not mess it up. It is kinda impossible for them to do so if you spray it and style it too much, right?

Luckily, it is all about messy buns and messy waves right now, isn’t it?


7. Wearing Glasses

Well, who said that glasses aren’t attractive? Research also shows there is something about wearing glasses that make women sexy and attractive to men.

And to further prove it, here is a Beyonce with glasses gif that cannot possibly leave you indifferent.


Source: auntyacid

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