Unwashed Hairstyles Clocking In At The One Minute Mark

Unwashed Hairstyles Clocking In At The One Minute Mark


Maria Bethany is a DIY makeup and hairstyles blogger from the US. This brunette Latina takes us safely through what seems to be every girl’s nightmare: the unwashed hair.

Don’t you just hate when you wake up and realize that you forgot to wash your hair? Or maybe you need to wash it more seldom due to health issues?

Maria swears that these will only take a minute. For those of you that don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair, take five minutes of your time to see the video and spare many more in the future.

The thing you want to do first is use some dry shampoo. We assume that you won’t be washing your hair in the morning, so the dry shampoo will bring freshness and volume to the unwashed hair.

You want to additionally lift your roots up with a root lift spray of your choice.

Maria parted her hair in several sections spraying each and every one on her roots. Then she goes through her hair with a comb. The hair is now set for further styling.

1. Wavy Let Loose With a Mid-Parting

Let your hair loose. Smoothen out the baby hairs as close as you can to the outer lines of your face.

hairstyle 1

2. The Bun On The Crown

Make a little bun on top of your crown. Tug it out just enough so it would seem messy and unintentional.

hairstyle 2

3. High Positioned Ponytail

Get your hair up in a ponytail. Go as high as you can. Spray it with some hair fixer to create volume  and movement in the locks. Make sure your baby hairs are on point!

hairstyle 3

4. Crown Bun

Make a bun up high on your head. Once again, pay attention to your baby hairs.

hairstyle 4

5. Bun Down Low

Create a bun that will lay low. Take out some of the hairs to add playfulness to the ‘do and to complement the outer lines of your face. She finishes this look with a minimalist black hat. Of course, this is left to your own preference.

hairstyle 5

Try these hairstyles yourself and tell us if you did well in the comments!

Source:Maria Bethany

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