A Woman Devises A Perfect Strategy To Keep Unwelcome Attention In The Gym At Bay

As a woman, I can tell you right now that when I am sweaty, tired and panting at the gym I don’t want anyone even looking at me. Let alone trying to hit on me. I am in my zone (okay, I am suffering but you know what I mean.) I’ll probably have my headphones on, my favorite podcast playing and I am on my way to being a fit goddess!

Okay, I might have gotten ahead of myself. I’m just trying to keep my body from getting too out of control. But there are people out there who are fit goddesses. I’ve seen them, they exist. I’m not one, but they’re out there.

But we both have one thing in common. Neither one of us wants any sort of unwelcome attention from sleazy guys while we’re at the gym. Especially not the real-life version of those guys who DM you on Instagram looking to ‘get some action.’

unwelcome attention gym

A woman on Twitter seems to share my sentiment since she’s found a pretty creative solution to keep unwanted attention at bay. And it involves bodily gas.

Yes, it’s farting.

unwelcome attention gym

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Olivia Cole, a Kentucky author, posted a series of tweets which showed an interaction between two young women and a man in the gym.

Cole went on to express her surprise at how creative and refined the technique is. Especially for someone so young.

The tweet managed to get 23,000 retweets and 133,000 likes. But not everyone thought the interaction was real.

I guess I can understand how guys might think that’s not true. But women, who have most likely have had to deal with an overly chatty guy and unwanted attention, we get it.

And of course, just proving the woman’s point, this man got quite offended she did not want to be approached.


I mean, I get both points of view, to a certain extent. I know that a lot of guys might just want a simple, friendly conversation. But if you’ve never been approached by someone you didn’t want to and they aren’t getting the hint you aren’t interested, you won’t understand.


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