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Upcycling: DIY Cuffed Jogger Pants Or Jeans


If you haven’t had enough of how to make your own, unique pair of jeans, like we showed you here and here, we have a another trick for you. Jogger jeans.

Let’s Get To Upcycling!

Crafty Geeky is a super-cool Youtube channel, run by a girl called Ginny Vie. She creates and re-creates fashion and art and does all kinds of crafty stuff, all the while sharing it with her 37K followers.

In this video, she shows us how to practically upcycle a regular pair of pants or jeans into trendy jogger pants or jeans. Let’s say you have a pair of flare jeans around the house. And you really don’t feel like wearing them again. Why not turn them into joggers?

Tune in to this video and check out how you can do this yourself. Like Ginny says, it’s very easy and you’ll end up with something you don’t want to take off, ever!


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