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Update In The Madeleine McCann Case



Just a matter of weeks after the story of Madeleine McCann was brought hurtling back into the public eye Scotland Yard have announced that they have been tipped off about the disappearance.

It has been claimed that the new lead is an ‘important’ one, so important that Scotland Yard have been given more money to investigate and Whitehall officials are being briefed on the matter today.

What they believe might have happened is that a group of Eastern European traffickers took pictures of Maddie, aged three when she vanished, and later decided to kidnap the child.


Despite the fact that she disappeared nine years ago, police have an update that she could still be alive.

A source from the Met said:

This is an important new line of inquiry which could provide an explanation on whether Madeleine was abducted and transported away.

It raises hope that she could still be alive.



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