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35 Useful Items That Make Everyday Life Simple


Designers are constantly working on inventing new thingamajigs to improve everyday life. Maybe you’ve never even realized you needed them, but that’s what science is for: finding new ways to help you. And these… whatchamacallits… are nothing, if not useful. They will help you organize your stuff, clean your house, and save a whole lot of space. The future is now, people!

1. A rack of dissassemble-able shelves. Something doesn’t fit? Easy! Just remove part of the shelf!

useful 1

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2. A sponge-holder. Don’t you hate it when the sponge falls in the sink? Nevermore!

useful 2

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3. A self-draining dish drying rack. Or SDDDR for short.

useful 3

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4. Cup hangers. No more unused space.

useful 4

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5. A bag holder. It holds you bag open. It’s that simple.

useful 5

6. A waste box. Just push those peeled skins in and free up your counter.

useful 6

7. Retractable shelves. I can think of better things to hide in there than cereal, though…

useful 7

8. Cabinet door storage shelves. Clever!

useful 8

9. Little fridge drawers. Another great invention for saving space.

useful 9

10. A microwave rack. Useful for the office kitchen.

useful 10

11. Coffee station! Another great idea for the office kitchen.

useful 11

12. Vacuum sealer. Don’t be sealy, keep your food fresh longer!

useful 12

13. A knife holder. No better way to feel like a professional chef than to have a bunch of huge knives.

useful 13

14. Finger protector. No more slicing your fingers while chopping vegetables.

useful 14

15. Chopper + board. Cooking’s never been easier.

useful 15

16. Spiral vegetable slicer. When you’re tired of the same old same old.

useful 16

17. Magnetic glass cleaner. Clean your glassware with no scratches.

useful 17

18. Broom and mop holder. Welcome, agent. Please select your weapon.

useful 18

19. Broom groomer. It cleans the broom so you don’t have to.

useful 19

20. Microwave cleaner. Angry mama needs to blow off some steam…

useful 20

21. A pouffe chest. Oh, this thing opens! I wonder what’s inside… oh, it’s just clothes…

useful 21

22. Cable-organizing box. Hide yo cables, hide yo sockets.

useful 22

23. Essential oil diffuser. Ommmm… so relaxing.

useful 23

24. Cotton bud box. Neat.

useful 24

25. A bathtub shelf. So you can relax in the tub without worrying where to put your wine glass.

useful 25

26. A makeup organizer. It organizes makeup.

useful 26

27. A storage dress. Perfect for a travelling salesman.

useful 27

28. A hair filter. Plumbers hate it.

useful 28

29. Vacuum storage bags. Keep your linens from taking up all the space.

useful 29

30.Pretty boxes. Babushka!

useful 30

31. A shoe hanger. Keep your shoes organized!

useful 31

32. Cat socks. At first, I was like, that’s so cute. But, then I was like, nope, it’s creepy.


33. A LEGO storage box. For the die-hard LEGO fans.

useful 33

34. A game mat you can transform into a bag. By far, the easist way to clear toys from the floor.

useful 34

35. Folding board. If you just can’t get the hang of folding.

useful 35

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