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10 Human Body Parts That Serve Almost No Purpose

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Parts of the human body are usually absolutely necessary. Talking about stuff like the brain, heart, kidneys etc.

But, we also have some body parts that have little or no purpose, rendering them completely useless. You’re probably thinking, like “what, why would the body even keep those”, but yeah. We felt the same way and apparently, there are such parts. Read for yourself.

1. Plica seminularis (Third eyelid)


This piece ensures tear drainage and sweeps debris away from the eye. It does have a small purpose, but if I wanted to get rid of tears, I’ve got my hands.

2. Darwin’s point (Top skin fold on ear)


Also known as Darwin’s tubercle, this is a small fold of skin that appears on about 10% of people’s upper ear.

Research shows that this might have been a joint that allowed the ear to swivel or flop down.

3. Body hair


While hair on your head insulates heat, eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes, and facial hair has some sort of role in sexual attraction, what do we actually need it for? We evolved far enough to put clothes on, so why is it still here?

4. Vomeronosal organ


Also known as Jacobson’s organ, this is found in the olfactory system of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles.

Described as chemoreceptor, this is a non-functioning sensory system located in the nose that’s designed to detect chemicals, or pheromones in the case of humans.

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