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Fifteen Seemingly Useless Items That Actually Have A Purpose


Often times, we encounter stuff that seemingly have no purpose. Well, for some of them, that may hold true, but for others, they actually do have a purpose that you might not be aware of.

Here are some objects commonly found in our everyday lives that don’t seem to have any purpose, but actually do, and it’s actually useful.

1. The triangle on your gasoline gauge

This shows you on which side of your car the fuel filler is, so you know what side of the pump to park on.

15 Seemingly Useless Items That Actually Have A Purpose 1

2. Loop on the back of your shirt.

It used to be customary for men in American universities to cut off the loop when they had a girlfriend.

15 Seemingly Useless Items That Actually Have A Purpose 2

3. The indent on the bottom of a wine bottle

It’s there for pressure control during the corking process.


4. The little diamond shaped patch on backpacks

That was originally designed for hikers to attach a rope cable to it, and sometimes to attach shoes by their laces.


5. The small hole at the end of most measuring tapes

It’s for you to hook it onto a nail or screw and avoid slipping.


6. The holes in a plane window

These are designed to maintain the pressure between the three panes of glass in case one breaks.


7. The small pocket in your jeans

This is to hold your pocket watch, even though not a lot of people wear those anymore.


8. The tape on your rear view mirror

It’s there so you can tip it back and forth, if you find yourself blinded by a car behind you.


9. Padlock holes

These are used as a filter if the padlock is submerged underwater, and it’s also used as a hole for oil to lubricate it.


10. The open end of a pen cap

This is so that if someone swallowed the pen by accident, they could still breathe even if it’s lodged in their throat.


11. The tiny hole on the back of an iPhone

It’s a microphone, just in case you’re filming a video facing away from you


12. The number 57 on Heinz bottles

The company website reveals all, saying: “To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, apply a firm tap to the sweet spot at the neck of the bottle – the 57. Only 11 per cent of people know this”


13. The fabric swatch

This comes with new clothing in most cases, designed to test out in the washing machine, so to not damage your clothes.


14. Pasta spoon hole

The hole is for measuring out the perfect portion of spaghetti.


15. The holes in Converse shoes

They’re there to keep your feet breathing but also for a different way to loop your laces if you need more ankle support.


Do you have anymore seemingly useless items and their purposes to share? Share them in the comments below!


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