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15 Uses For Baby Oil That May (Or May Not) Surprise You


A baby’s delicate skin needs good care. There’s one product that’s unanimously used by parents all over the world to take care of their little ones’ skin, and that’s baby oil. Baby oil has been around (and in use) since the 1930s and is without a doubt the best product for taking care of a baby’s sensitive skin. But, did you know that it has many other uses besides that?

The synthetic mineral oil contained in the bottom-moisturzing stuff is actually highly available, affordable, cheap to produce and has a very long shelf life. It can be used for a lot more household uses than you might think.

Here are some uses for baby oil that you may not have known.

1. Removing paint

Primers and latex paints are extremely difficult to clean if you get them on your hands, but not so if you wipe them down with some baby oil.

15 Uses For Baby Oil That May (Or May Not) Surprise You 1

Source: WikiHow | WikiVisual

2. Keep exposed skin safe

The skin that remains exposed during the winter gets dry, red and not all that pleasant to look at. Baby oil creates a barrier against the cold, keeping your skin soft and healthy.

15 Uses For Baby Oil That May (Or May Not) Surprise You 2

Source: Instructables | wilgubeast

3. Split ends

The oil is perfect for when you want to rejuvenate your hair and gradually transform from split ends to the luscious locks that you lust for.


Source: xoVain

4. Better baths

Just a few drops of baby oil in your next bath will smooth and refresh your skin.


Source: imgur | idonotthinkmyusernamemeanswhatyouthinkitmeans

5. Untangling jewelry

Surprisingly, yes, baby oil is actually quite effective at untangling that knot in your jewelry. Just apply a drop or two and work at it with your fingers.


Source: tumblr | iamleahnotleia

6. Cracked heels

Are you unfortunate enough to have dry, cracked feet? Massage some of the oil onto your heels and you’ll have healthier, smoother feet.


Source: Piotr Marcinski | Shutterstock

7. Wiping away your eye makeup

A cotton pad with some baby oil is surprisingly effective at wiping away your eye makeup. It also moisturizes and hydrates the skin around your eye.


Source: Marko_Marcello | Getty Images

8. Smoother legs

Instead of shaving cream and cuts, apply some baby oil and you can skip spending money on moisturizer altogether!


Source: xoVain

9. Cuter cuticles

Applying baby oil to your nails once a day will make them look better and be healthier, and applying it before you do your nails will make removing your polish a lot easier.


Source: Instagram | @nailitmag

10. Silence those creaking doors

A few drops on the hinge will shut that creaking door up.


Source: Niv Koren | Shutterstock

11. Massage oil

Baby oil is perfect for when you want to treat your S.O. to a nice massage, because of its nourishing and gentle characteristics, it will get rid of those aches fast.


Source: George Doyle | Getty Images

12. Wax on

Cotton swabs, if you haven’t heard, have turned out not to be safe to remove the earwax from your ears, but a few drops of baby oil in the affected ear is a much safer bet.


Source: flickr | Travis Isaacs Johnson & Johnson Inc.

13. Restore the wood at home

Polish up the wood furniture at home by wiping it down with some baby oil. Not only will it get a glossy finish, but it will protect the wood and also prevent stains. Only a couple of drops of oil should be used, though.


Source: WikiHow | WikiPhoto

14. Softer lips

If your lips aren’t in the best of shape, baby oil will moisturize the lips and it will aid your dry lips.


Source: Miss Maven

15. Gum in your hair

That item-that-is-on-your-body-but-I-am-not-allowed-to-say-here, stuck some gum in your hair on the street? Don’t cut off those locks just yet, just use the oil to remove the gum.


Source: flickr | Raj Deut
Main and collage images via 1. flickr / Travis Isaacs 2. Johnson & Johnson Inc.

If you are surprised by all these unusual uses, then you’re not the only one. If you have any more clever uses for baby oil, let us know in the comments!


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