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You Have Been Using Chopsticks Wrong


An Australian woman became famous all over the world in seconds because of a picture she shared. When she tweeted the picture of a ‘life hack’ she thought that she would get a few likes and some comments. But the image of a snapped chunky wooden tab off the end of a pair of disposable chopsticks, which is used as a stand to avoid putting utensils straight onto the table was soon retweeted 3,200 times.

Where did she find the picture?



She saw this on her Facebook news feeds and simply decided to share it with her friend so that they could also learn  about the awesome use of chopsticks.

What is the hack?



The hack is so simple and it is nothing unusual. Anyone could have come up with it. After using your chopsticks just snap off the chunky wooden part from the end and use it as stands to keep your utensils on.




There have been several retweets wherein this hack has been performed just to make it fail. They are popularly known as “Failed Chopsticks Hacks”.

Shortcut to fame:



No one could even imagine how a single share can make you so damn famous. She was featured in many newspapers from around the world. Newspapers in Germany and in Ireland showcased her as the brain behind the awesome discovery. She even said “I tweeted a dumb picture, I didn’t invent chopsticks.”

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