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Why Using A Q-tip When Cleaning Your Ears Might Be Dangerous



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Q-tips are mostly the first choice of many people when it comes to cleaning disgusting ear wax from the ear. OK, no doubt that the ear wax looks really gross, but believe it or not, it is actually not a dirty thing. It is a natural substance that our body creates for a good reason, and recent studies have shown that using Q-tips to clean the wax might be more harmful than leaving the wax in the ear cavity. Take a look at the video below that clearly explains the potential harm of Q-tips and the reason why ear wax is present in our lives.

Source:Tech Insider

To be more precise, it is not the Q-tips that might be harmful but the very manner we use them! You might think what could be so complicated about cleaning your ears with a Q-tip? – seemingly a not very complex procedure – but there are tips and tricks for this too!

Unfortunately instead of getting out the wax by sticking the Q-tip in our ear sometimes we might actually be doing the complete opposite.

When jamming the Q-tip in the ear canal, instead of pulling the wax out, we might actually shove it further into the ear, against the eardrum which restricts it from vibrating and damaging our hearing.



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On the other hand, even if you manage  to take out the wax that might not be a very wise thing to do. Here is why: the wax is there for a reason! First of all, it acts as a safety device against insects, preventing them from crawling into your ear! No matter how disgusting it sounds, there is a high possibility this could happen. Second, the wax is the very thing that prevents various fungi from sprouting in your ear canal which further keeps the ear lubricated and thus it doesn’t itch.


We know the next thing your thinking is, how on earth are we supposed to remove the wax? Well, the answer is very simple: you are NOT supposed to remove it!

Having listed all the pros of leaving the ear wax in your ears, you might already be aware that this is a good thing for you. Although there is an exception, and that is when you have an excess buildup which can be removed by a professional, on the other hand, it is high time to let the wax become part of your everyday life.

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