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Ussuri Bay: Where Nature Has Turned A Former Glass Dump Into A Fascinating Tourist Spot

Ussuri Bay

Ussuri Bay, in the Russian Far East, is part of the Maritime Territory province near the City of Vladivostok. This remote part of Russia borders the Japanese Sea to the east, China to the west and the Korean Peninsula to the southwest.

The bay is part of the Peter the Great Gulf and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the easternmost part of the Russian Federation.

During USSR times, Ussuri Bay was a dumping ground for old glass and porcelain. This peculiar activity, combined with the powers of nature, has created a unique phenomenon attracting people from all around the world.

For decades, tidal waves have been crashing down on all types of bottles and porcelain items: plates, wine bottles, beer bottles, vodka containers… Over time, the tidal action has smoothed out all the sharp edges, creating an astonishing kaleidoscope of fine, colored pebbles.

What was considered a dangerous spot to which visitation was discouraged during Soviet times, has now turned into one of Russia’s many wonders. A Siberian Times article from the 30th of January 2017 has confirmed that the glass on the beach is perfectly safe.

Ussuri Bay is now a protected area colloquially called The Glass Beach. Check out this collection of stunning photos from its shores.

Ussuri Bay 1

Source: Anna Pozharskaya

The effects of the tide have created an astonishing kaleidoscope of fine, colored pebbles

Ussuri Bay 2


The area is now under state protection, after being deemed unsafe during the days of the Soviet Union

Ussuri Bay 3

Source:Anna Pozharskaya

Ussuri Bay is located near the City of Vladivostok, near the Chinese and Korean borders

Ussuri Bay 4


The beach has been cleared for visitors and put under state protection

Ussuri Bay 5


The area is now called The Glass Beach

Ussuri Bay 6


Ussuri Bay is now one of the most popular recreational spots in the Maritime Territory

Ussuri Bay 7


Before it was a dumping ground, now it is a treasure

Ussuri Bay 8


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