UV Responsive Tattoos For The Romantics And The Dreamers

UV Responsive Tattoos For The Romantics And The Dreamers

UV Responsive Tattoos

If you have commitment issues and don’t want to have that same ink for life, black-light responsive tattoos might be the thing to consider.

These look quite goofy and cool. They will be all the rage at a techno party or anywhere there are UV lights in the venue.

You can tell that their owners were also quite creative in their approach.

1. Cheshire Cat

This is a homage to the Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat. One of its distinguishing features is that from time to time its body disappears, the last thing visible being its iconic grin.


2. Neon Fireworks


3. This x-ray tattoo is quite creative and witty.

I wonder if the tattoo closely imitates what his bones truly look like.


4. These neon flowers are quite feminine and delicate looking.

They are done flawlessly. And I like the color that she chose for the tattoo.


5. I believe that this is the Enchanted Rose from The Beauty and the Beast. Another homage to a childhood memory.


6. Ravishing, cold blue, neon, angel wings!


7. Would that be the tree of life? I like how the branches curve into beautiful circles.


8. This is such a romantic representation of a starry night.

To wear something so precious on your hand, and to be able to see it at night while you fall asleep must be a beautiful feeling.


9. Butterfly Wings Alight


10. Wonder what this person dreams about after falling asleep looking at that magical dream catcher?


11. Yoda’s Lightsaber.


12. Words cannot describe how much I cried to this movie.

This is the point in The Lion King when everyone welcomes little Simba as their new king!


13. Moon cycles for the night watchers.


14. Neon Mandala!


15. I like that most of the tattoos’ themes revolve around the universe and their take on how they would look if we were looking from outer space.


16. This is just fitting. Many jellyfish are represented as shiny creatures under the night skies.


17. Now I am not particularly sure what this pyramid stands for, but I like how the pink vine complements the blue triangles.



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