A One Time Valentine Special: Water Marble Hearts Nail Pattern

A One Time Valentine Special: Water Marble Hearts Nail Pattern

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The Canadian Nail Art channel cutepolish comes back with another super easy tutorial on how to create the water marble hearts nails! The channel is run by Sandi Crystal Ball, but the girl that will be presenting the tutorial today is Hannah Lee. She is a professional manicurist that has worked with magazines such as Teen Vogue and brands such as OPI and Sephora.

The pattern features pink and red drawn in a concentric pattern. This is the perfect nail pattern to match the upcoming Valentine holiday.

1. Prepare Your Nails

Apply base coat to help protect the nails. Apply white polish for the base color.

hearts nails 1

2. Water Marble hearts

You are going to need a brick red, cotton candy pink and fuschia pink nail polish. Drip one drop of each nail polish in a shot glass filled with room temperature water.

hearts nails 2

Do it in a concentric pattern manner. Filtered water works best.  Use a toothpick starting at the upper part of the circle drawing it down to the bottom ever so slightly in order to create a heart. Refer to the video to get a visual sense of how that would work.

hearts nails 3

The next step is to actually dip your nail into the center of the hearts at a slight angle. Protect the skin with a tape. Blow on the surface to dry the polish. Clean up the remaining nail polish with a toothpick.

hearts nails 4

Disclaimer: Hannah didn’t manage to get the pattern right the first time around. So she decided to go with bottle caps instead of the shot glasses

3. Water Marble Hearts Redoux

Take one small bottle cap. Repeat the procedure with the nail polish and the concentric patterns. Create a heart with a toothpick.

hearts nails 5

Let the nail polish dry one to two hours. Once dry, detach the nail polish from the edges. The surface will form itself into a decal. Remove the decal from the cap using tweezers.

hearts nails 6

Put them on a piece of toilet paper so they would soak from the water. Apply a transparent top coat over the white polish. Grab your decal and gently press it to the nail. Use a cuticle pusher to press around the edges of the nail. This will help detach the excess polish.

hearts nails 7

If this doesn’t happen, you can always use nail polish remover to clean up around the nail. Remove the excess on the tip using a nail file. To seal in the decal, cover it with a fast drying top coat. It will give your nail a beautiful shiny finish!

hearts nails 8

Watch the video below to get a clear idea on how to achieve the water marble pattern!


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