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Valentine’s Day Hairstyles By A Gorgeous Beauty Vlogger


We talked about Valentine’s Day makeup here and here, and we also showed you NikkieTutorials’ post on the convenient ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ – inspired tutorial that we’re sure will come in handy. But now, we have a video with Valentine’s hairstyles inspiration, courtesy of the gorgeous vlogger, Jackie.

The channel is named JaaackJack, and she does beauty and lifestyle-related posts, all cheerful and lovely. She now has over 370K followers, but did you know that she worked in retail before this? Then, she started working as a makeup artists for Benefit Cosmetics and decided to try Youtube full-time.

She was born in North Carolina 26 years ago, and now lives and works in San Diego.

But, you’re here for the hair, and just wait to see what a treat you’re in for!

1. The Pull-through braid

hairstyles 1

2. Glitter roots (how did we not think of this sooner?!)

hairstyles 2

It’s such a cool edge added to an already tested hairstyle.

3. Boho braided heart

hairstyles 3

This one screams Valentine’s.

All of these and more are explained in detail in Jackie’s video below. Follow the steps to get the perfect hair and don’t forget to tell us how you plan on spending Valentine’s Day. Even if it is with a movie and a bowl of ramen – we get it.


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