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How To Completely Rock Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone is not that far away anymore. By now, you’ve probably figured out what your gift to them is going to be, so I guess there was not so much time to focus on yourself.

What you’re going to wear, how your makeup will look like… Of course you will want to go along with the theme and decide on some warm pink and red colors. But, how are you going to do that?

Makeup artist Called Tina Halada decided to share with the world a Valentine’s inspired tutorial which looks very dramatic and sexy. Don’t be afraid to play with dark deep colors because if you do everything right, it might be the best decision you ever made. Let’s see what Tina has for us!



She starts off with two different primers and then applies the foundation. Everything is matched with her skin so it looks perfect clear. She follows with concealer and powder and finishes with a bronzer and highlighter.



What makes this look special is definitely the eye makeup. It is super dramatic and get extra attention to it. Tina decided to go with dark smokey pink and then add some silver sparkles in the middle. That works out so well combined, don’t you think?



To take everything under control, she goes with a more subtle lipstick color which is the perfect choice here. Can you guys imagine if she had super-dark, bolds lips too? She would end up looking like a clown. Good job, Tina!

Y0u are going to rock Valentine’s !!

If you want to see more from this look, press play down below!

The awesomest part? Tina is only a teenager.

User tayjade25 said:
“I came across Tina Halada on YouTube a few days ago and I am absolutely blown away with how talented she is for only being 15 years old.”


Source:Tina Halada

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