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Marie Jay’s Valentine’s Day Slay Makeup

Slay Makeup

Can you believe it? It’s yet another Valentine’s Day video! They are so rare these days.

Jokes aside, though, they’re everywhere and they’re gorgeous, which is why we’re so obsessed with them. Rose gold seems to be huge with this time of the year and Sabrina M. Johnson knows that, so she used these shades for her Valentine’s special.

In case this is your first time watching her videos, she has 110K+ Youtube followers because she’s lovely and posts about makeup, DIY, decoration and all kinds of lovely, improve-your-day things.

She calls this natural, subtle, glowy look VD Slay Makeup because that’s what it does, it slays. And as usual, she begins with primer.

She primes her eyes with concealer, and ads adhesive tape to make it easier with the eye makeup.

Slay Makeup 1

The palette:

Slay Makeup 2

Watch how amazingly helpful the tape is:

Slay Makeup 3

And then, we have another palette. She uses various products, but for now, all you need to know is which shades to go for this look.

Slay Makeup 4

Foundation time: she uses Milk Makeup Blur Stick. What an amazing name for a foundation.

Slay Makeup 5

Contouring time:

Slay Makeup 6

A useful tip: she leaves the concealer unblended for a while, just so it could sit and “marinate”. Not to get completely dry, but just a little. She says it helps for better coverage, which makes sense.

Slay Makeup 7

Then powder, highlighter, some lashes, and the most amazing lip shade ever, and here’s the complete look:

Slay makeup 7


So, there you go. If this is something you’d wear for Valentines, just copy the steps and you’re ready!

Source:Marie Jay

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