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15 Behind The Scenes Secrets About The Vampire Diaries You Don’t Know About


Vampire stories have been around in the film industry since… forever. It goes from things like Nosferatu and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, all the way to Twilight. The most modern and most dearly loved vampire stories currently is The Vampire Diaries. Even though this show has given girls many reasons for a Netflix subscription, and some pretty big crushing over Ian Somerhalder and all the others, the show sadly ended in March 2017. It’s sad to see an 8-season show with such a big following end, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be rewatched by the ones who loved the show all the time.

Anyways, for those big fans of TVD, here are 15 behind the scenes secrets you may not have known.

Oh, right. Spoilers ahead. In case you’ve never seen this, but you plan on starting now.

1. Damon and Elena

These two weren’t meant to be seen together until much later. The viewers were meant to wait three or four seasons, but she gave into the fans and human Elena got together with Damon.


2. Isobel’s cell phone number

If you were to dial the number 919-399-2507, which was Isobel’s phone number in Season 2, it actually worked and you would hear a recorded message from the cast. How cool!

15 Behind The Scenes Secrets About The Vampire Diaries You Don't Know About 2

Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

3. Nina Dobrev’s hair

Although Nina’s hair is amazing when she played Katherine, the doppelganger of Elena, with those gorgeous curls, she actually wears a wig.

My whole life was a lie!

15 Behind The Scenes Secrets About The Vampire Diaries You Don't Know About 3

Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

4. Vampire transformation

It took around three hours for the actors to be transformed into vampires. Prostehtics, makeup, special contacts and the list goes on.


Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

5. Paul Wesley’s auditions

This fine hunk had to audition 15 times before he actually landed the role of Stefan. When they saw him and Nina Dobrev act together, the producers of the show decided that he should take up the role of Stefan.


Source: wallpaperhi

6. The blood

The fake blood that was used on set (plenty of it) is actually edible. It was apparently made with corn syrup, salt, peppermint extract and some red food coloring. That doesn’t sound like a tasty combo…


Source: GIPHY

7. Good guy Damon

Ian Somerhalder hated the fact that his character became a good guy, because he really enjoyed playing the villain. But then he changed his mind, because he liked the close relationship between Damon and Elena.


Source: Movie Fone

8. Tyler the jerk

Tyler was almost cut from the show due to how much of a jerk he was, but apparently, they kept him because they really liked Michael Trevino.


Source: The Vampire Diaries Wiki

9. Nina had to quit

Nina Dobrev had to quit the show because she couldn’t stand being around Ian any longer. They actually dated while the show was going on, but then he broke up with her and started dating her used-to-be BFF, Nikki Reed.


Source: r8lst

10. The cast’s friendship

All the actors are actually quite close to each other. After they finished filming each season of the show, they had a big party and they handed out yearbooks with behind-the-scenes photos. So cool!


Source: YouTube | TV Guide Magazine

11. Ashley Tisdale as Elena

Ashley Tisdale turned down the role of Elena.


Source:Sons of Anarchy Wiki

12. The Rohrig brothers

These three all auditioned to play Damon.


Source: rebloggy

13. Ian Somerhalder as a different vampire

Before TVD, Ian almost played a different vampire in a different series. He auditioned to play Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, but was denied due to looking too old.


Source: TV Fanatic

14. Salvatore and Whitmore

Before Damon and Stefan wore the famous Salvatore last name, they originally were Whitmore. I think it’s pretty obvious why they changed from Whitmore to Salvatore.


Source: Moviepilot

15. Nina Dobrev returned for the last season

I would have loved to see the expression on fans’ faces when they heard this news for the first time.


Source: Nerdophiles

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