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Transform Into A Vampire Princess With This Glamorous Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Halloween is here and if you are an extreme makeup addict, this video might just transform you into a vampire princess for the holiday party. If you are looking to experiment with makeup and don’t want to bother with extreme costumes, make sure to check out the video below and learn how to do this incredibly glamorous Halloween look.

You can watch more from the Youtuber titled Nikkie Tutorials to get inspiration on beauty, fashion. Her transformation videos are another special moment on her channel. She has over 7 million followers, which is just one more reason for you to watch her do magic with makeup.

In this tutorial, she has included blood-shattered smokey eyes with some interesting details. Also, she’s got a drop of blood below her lips as well as a bloody choker necklace. Can it get more exciting?

Her look is more on the glam side and if you want to look vampirish, but also sexy, this is the makeup you want to try.

1. Primer, foundation, concealer, and loose powder come first

glamorous 1

She is using her natural skin color, but you can also go with a lighter option if you please. Also, she uses damp sponge to make her base last longer. This is an excellent tip for all Halloween makeup!

To get a good base for the smokey eyes, she uses a white color on the lids.

2. Using a texture sponge, she applies face paint to make the blood effect.

glamorous 2

3. Using an eyeliner, she creates a wing. Then, she goes on to add a black shadow

glamorous 3

Once you are done with the eyes, make sure you don’t forget about the bronze, contour, and highlighter!

4. Using a liquid lipstick, she paints her lips black, adding a drop of “blood” below her lips.

glamorous 4

5. For the final look, she uses a bloody choker necklace.

glamorous 5

You can watch the whole video below:

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Source: NikkieTutorials

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