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German Company VARIOMobil’s Signature Motorhome Is So Huge, You Can Park A Car Inside It


How would you feel about living in a motorhome that’s so massive that it can fit a full sports car in it?

Well, that exactly what you have with the $1.4 VARIO Signature, made by German company VARIOmobil, which has been around since 1981. The Signature is a 12 meter long Mercedes-Benz Actros-based affair that has an interior garage beneath the main lounge, so you can cruise down the French riviera when you eventually get to it.

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The main lounge of the motorhome is comparable to a luxury hotel suite, featuring satin white leather upholstery and veneer made with real American walnut.

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The cabin of the vehicle has enough bedding for 6 people and there’s also the option of an additional pull-down bed stored above the driver’s cab.

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The base model of the Signature goes for the princely sum of $936,500, but as you tick off items on the option list, that price rises. While the base version of the vehicle can accomodate a Smart car in the interior garage, the top of the line XXL can fit anything from a Mini Cooper to a Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz SL. How do you feel about your Mercedes roadster being stored inside your Mercedes-based motorhome? Sounds like the perfect rich person double whammy, doesn’t it?

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Other high end features include a microprocessor-controlled lighting module; several of those, a BOSE entertainment system and a multifunctional kitchen block.

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There is a BOSE home entertainment system, microprocessor-controlled lighting modules for ambient lighting and a multi-function ‘kitchen block’

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The XXL version also has a pair of seats in the driver’s cab for the rest of the family.

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German firm VARIOmobil says: ‘The unique room concepts make things of everyday life easier and more beautiful’

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Would you shell out that insane amount of money on a vehicle like this? Share your thoughts in the comments!

If you’re from the UK, look on the bright side: at least you won’t have to pay rent!


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