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Vegetarian Goes Nuts For Meat After 22 Years

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It is really hard to understand what it is like to go without eating meat for decades.

For example, my wife was a vegetarian right up until a month before I met her. To see what pure unadulterated joy really looks like, you had to see her describing eating a bacon sandwich after eight years.

MMMMM, Bacon.


Stephanie Potakis is the casting director at The Onion and has been a vegetarian for a staggering 22 years. But after all that time she finally decided to eat some tasty meat.


Supper Club took her to one of Chicago’s fine steakhouses to show her what she has been missing out on for over two decades.

It is safe to say that she went from being a devout veggie to a meat convert!


Check out the video below to see exactly what pure bliss looks like:

Source: The A.V. Clubunilad

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