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He Orders A Vest From Amazon But What He Recieves Is Too Funny



Online orders can always be a little risky because you never be too sure about what might arrive at your door. Jeremy Russel Priola had a baptism of fire with Amazon order, but instead of complaining, he chose to have some fun with it.

The New York-born fashion designer, who now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ordered something pretty simple: as simple as a gray vest. After opening the box the “vest” was just a little too long, and ..  probably not a vest at all.


It was the right color, and a similar shape but something got lost in technical translation! Jeremy shared the fashion faux pas on his Facebook page by writing:

“I got this tank top on Amazon and they sent me a dress. On the plus side it does make my ass look great.”

Finding the picture very sarcastic and funny, 40,000 people reacted to him and it has been shared almost 35,000 times. Embracing his feminine side made the picture even funnier.


Considering the similarities between the two items, you can see how the mix up may have occurred but he’s a designer so he’ll make something out of it. It’s all in good hands!

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