Victoria Beckham's Chicest Looks Prove She Is The Goddess Of Style

Victoria Beckham’s Chicest Looks Prove She Is The Goddess Of Style

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Is there really anyone who is more posh than Victoria Beckham herself?

In the past decade, she managed to shape an identity of a style icon and a fashion designer. Let’s face it, she steals people’s attention wherever she goes. Moreover, she is recognized by her impeccable style.

After numerous high-profile collaborations with other brands, Beckham launched an eponymous label almost nine years ago, in 2008, and a lower-priced label in 2011.

Her label was named designer brand of the year in the UK in 2011.

Read what Belinda White had to say in the Daily Mail about the previous predictions concerning Victoria Beckham’s brand.

“She has gathered a significant celebrity following and won over the scathing fashion pack who now clamor for a ticket to her bi-annual show at New York Fashion Week.”

Check out her street style outfits that prove that she is the goddess of the sophisticated style. For being the age of 43, the wife of former pro soccer player David Beckham, she looks so young and effortlessly gorgeous!

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 10, 2016

We have a proof of her undeniable fashion status! Just look at the collaborations with her many designer friends! Karl Lagerfield, Marc Jacobs, Roland Mouret, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana are just some of the names.

Check out the photos below for some inspiration!

1. She is known for wearing black statement shades.


2. Wearing a bold color to freshen up the outfit is always a good idea

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 26, 2015

3. Always simple, and sophisticated. Sometimes it’s better not to experiment with patterns.


4. Try matching heels you would normally not wear, to make your outfit original.


5. Those sandal heels are everything! Everything is always matched perfectly to the slightest detail with Victoria Beckham.


6. Again, she breaks the black monotony by going for a long yellow trench coat with no sleeves.


7. Only a Beckham can pull off an outfit like that.


8. Looking good! By wearing this color, she will never go unnoticed.


9. Accessories matched to perfection.


10. Wearing black heeled boots in the colder days.


11. This woman knows her patterns. Who else would pull of that shirt with sparkly flats?


12. Now that’s what we call a walking sophistication.

Victoria Beckham in her true colors.

13. She opted for a grey jumper in the colder days.

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham leaves her hotel in New York City

14. Did we forget to mention that these trousers are her signature look?


15. Yep, definitely her signature look.


16. Matching nude stilettos with boyfriend jeans and a thick black belt.


17. She likes to show her sexy legs in a skirt once in a while.


18. Once again, the queen of casual street fashion.


19. This woman just makes it look effortless.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 8, 2016

20. Decided to step back from her usual black attire, and went for spring colors.


21. You don’t see this every day – Victoria Beckam in flat shoes. Behold, ladies and gentlemen!


22. Pretty in pink


23. Did we mention she likes carrying her long hair in loose waves?


24. Black, neat and classy.

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York Ð October 27, 2015

25. Stunning.

Victoria Beckham Steps Out In New York

26. Just like we mentioned earlier,

she has a special talent of choosing and matching the coolest patterns.


27. Fashionable even when she travels.


28. Those indigo trousers fit her flawless figure perfectly.


29. She showed off her toned arms in a classy black sleeveless turtle-necked top.


30. You can never go wrong with a black & white combination.


31. So pretty! She can certainly pull off just any color!


32. This designer can definitely make those cold autumn days more bearable.


33. We love how she leaves her signature on any outfit.


34. A white turtle-necked sweater is the perfect match to those heels. Way to go Victoria!


Did you choose your favorite? After seeing these photos, I think you’ll agree that she is the queen of sophistication and class!

Source: fashionstylemag

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