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Victoria Sandwich: Queen Victoria’s Favorite Dessert

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The Victoria sponge cake, also known as simply Victoria sandwich or Victorian cake, is a cake named after Queen Victoria who ruled England between 1837 and 1901. This was considered a period of peace, prosperity and progress, and the sponge cake is just one little part of Queen Victoria’s legacy, but definitely not one to be underestimated.

Legend has it that the Queen was not allowed to taste sweet things often, so she had a weakness for it as an adult. An article in The Guardian about the ‘finest of all British teatime cakes’ claims that the weekly Buckingham Palace consignment of sweets included ’16 chocolate sponges, 12 plain sponges, 16 fondant biscuits, one box of wafers…one and a half dozen flat finger biscuits…one princess cake and one rice cake’.

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According to some historians, the dessert was named Victoria Sponge Cake on the Isle of Wight where the Queen spent most of her time at the Osborn House residence after the death of Prince Albert.

There are numerous varieties of the sponge cake and in Britain there is a neverending debate about what makes a proper Victoria Sandwich. The recipe we bring you today is a version with strawberries and cream.

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