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20 Extraordinary Household Uses For Baking Soda That Will Change Your Life


Health and Beauty Uses of Baking soda

1. Whiten your teeth, freshen your mouth and improve your oral hygiene. Don’t be embarrassed by your bad breath which is result  of the sugary and protein acid-forming foods. Just put  one teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water and stir until is dissolved,  then swish, spit and rinse.

To have dazzling white teeth you don’t need to buy expensive tooth whitening products. All you need is to mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of water util you get a paste. put it on your tooth brush and clean your teeth.

2. Baking soda facial scrub made of  3 parts b. soda to 1 part water can help you get rid of the boring pimples and will make your skin whiter. It’s fantastic replacement for expensive cosmetic products.   Rub the scrub paste on your face with a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water. Baking soda has mild anti inflammatory properties .

3. No need to guess ,one of the best home remedies for many feet problems is the Baking soda. To soften your feet put  3 tablespoons of baking soda in a warm bath. Let feet soak for 15-20 minutes and scrub gently. It will soften your foot skin and will  help you fighting foot odor and athlete’s foot

4. Nothing is more simple to relieve body odor. Just get your self a  powder puff and apply baking soda on your underarms and other body parts where you perspire excessively.

5. Heartburn remedy.  To get rid of this unpleasant burning sensation under your breast bone caused by acid reflux mix a teaspoon or half a tespoon of baking soda with one-half glass of water. You should not not exceed seven half teaspoon doses in a 24 hour period

Clean Your Home With Baking Soda

6. To clean your oven without any strong chemicals you can use baking soda.  Mix a lot of baking soda with water and spray your oven and let it sit overnight. Clean it with a wet  rag in the morning. Baking soda is a is a mild alkali and dissolves grease and dirt . It can be used as abrasive

7. Clean  your dish washing sponges. To do that soak the greasy and smelly dish sponges in 4 tablespoons of baking dissolved in one bow of warm water. Its very important to keep your kitchen sponges clean because some studies have shown that there are  around 10 million bacteria per square inch of a kitchen sponge.

8. To give your silverware perfect shine make a paste  of 3 parts of baking soda with 1 part water and polish with a cotton cloth. When you are done rinse with water.  Baking soda is considered to be mildly abrasive and it perfect to for polishing silver, glass and other surfaces.

9. Flowers will last longer in your vase if you add little baking soda. If you add one teaspoon baking soda in the water the soda will balance the acidity and will simulate natural environment for your flowers.

10. Remove the odors from your fridge. Yes , use baking soda again.  Its very simple all you need to do is to put an open container of baking soda in your fridge, it will absorb the smell and you will never lose your appetite again.

11. To clean your shoes and sneakers you have to make baking soda paste . Same like the one for silver polishing.  Use an old tooth brush , sponge or a rag and wipe with circular movements.

Garden and Garage That Make Your Neighbors Jealous

12. Keep your garden green.  Mix in a bucket  one teaspoon baking  soda, half teaspoon clear ammonia and one teaspoon Epsom salt in a gallon of water.  put quart of the liquid on each flower bush  that has lost its luster. Baking soda is a natural fungicide as well so you can mix just baking soda with water and spray your plants when fruit  begins to appear.

13. To remove oil stains from garage floors just remember how you cleaned your oven.  Wet the area with  baking soda let it to set for some time and scrub with a brush. The power of the soda will dissolve the oil.

14. Deodorize your smelly  car.  To eliminate odors settled into car  upholstery and carpets sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the fabric of the seats and carpets.  Live it to rest for at least 15-20 minutes and vacuum up.

15. Sweeten the tomatoes in your garden by absorbing the acids from the soil with baking soda.  Be careful not to do this on the plant . Sprinkle  small amount of  baking soda on the soil around the plant and your tomatoes will grow with  sweeter flavor.

16. Stop ants and cockroaches from invading your home .  Sprinkle baking soda on every corner  and surface you suspect ants and cockroaches are appearing from.  When they will eat it they will die from the  released carbon dioxide bubbles.

Baking Soda For Your Kitchen

17. Keep your cutting boards clean and deodorized. Scrub them well with baking soda and water mixture and rinse. baking soda will clean the grease, the odor and the bacteria from your kitchen boards.

18. Remove pesticides from your fruits and veggies. Organic food sometimes its to expensive but baking soda is not. If you soak your fruits and veggies for a while in a mixture of  1/4 cup of baking soda and water  enough to fill your sink it will  safely remove pesticides.

19. Make a perfect  fluffy  omelet for breakfast. To achieve this all you need to do is to add half teaspoon for three eggs. If you are making breakfast for more people than add some more.

20. When preparing organic chicken for dinner  and you have to clean the feathers add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water. They will  come off much easier, and the flesh will be clean and white.


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