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Where Are These 11 Viral Celebrities Now?


In the haydays of YouTube, there were tons of different viral videos of tons of different (insane) calibers. Chocolate Rain, Star Wars kid, Afro Ninja, and the like. After these people got their five minutes of fame, however, they sort of… disappeared. We never heard of them ever again. So, I ask you, after all of those viral video stars from the early days of YouTube’s fame days were numbered, where did they go? Where are they now?

1. Leave Britney alone!

In 2007, Britney Spears was getting a lot of hate for her MTV Music Awards performance that same year. On September 10, a gentleman named Chris Crocker posted a video in response to all the hate. He very emotionally asked the world to leave Britney alone, and pretty soon, this video was showing up all over the internet.

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Source: Tube Filter

Chris has changed a lot since then. Did you know he appeared in an adult movie?

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Source: Wikipedia | Chris Crocker

2. Patricia Krentcil

This lady became viral for her… interesting skin tone as well as her obsession with tanning.

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Source: Zimbio

After she lost her fame however, she tried absolutely everything to stay relevant, from recording two music albums to literally appearing drunk in public. The lengths people go to be famous these days…

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Source: US News

3. Antoine Dodson

In 2010, Antoine Dodson gave an interview to a news channel regarding a mysterious intruder breaking into his house. The interview was then songified and it became quite viral.


Source: Cora Viral

Since his Bedroom Intruder days, Antoine has taken up a couple of voice roles. He’s also married and is a father. And would you just look at his hair!


Source: PP Corn

4. I Like Turtles

One of the most famous sentences ever spoken on the internet, even today. It all stemmed from when a news reporter asked a then 10-year-old boy named Jonathan Ware what did he think of his face paint. His response was simply “I like turtles”. This sentence is now everywhere on the internet.


Source: YouTube | alonsotheboss1

Јоn is now in college, and is staying quiet in the media due to him being bombarded by the press everywhere.


Source: Stars

5. Jeremy Meeks

This hunk of hotness was arrested on weapons charges in 2014, and his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. Girls were attracted.


Source: Independent

He was sentenced to 27 months in prison, but after being released, he is looking to sign with a modeling agency.



6. Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black recorded the song “Friday” as a birthday present when she was 14. The video as of March 2017 has 106 million views and over 2 million dislikes, and is often referred to as the worst song in the world.

Oh, and did I mention that Patrice Wilson appears in the video? Let’s not get too much into that…


Source: Comic Vine

Rebecca was bullied so much about the video that she dropped out of high school. Nowadays, she’s looking to start an actual, serious music career.


Source: BuzzFeed

7. Alex from Target

A picture of this guy inside Target ended up on Twitter, and he ultimately appeared on Ellen.


Source: Digiday

He’s now a model and singer, and he’s regularly seen at celeb parties.


Source: She Knows

8. Liam Kyle Sullivan

This guy was famous for portraying emotional, fashion-obsessed girl Kelly in a series of comedy skits.


Source: YouTube | LiamKyleSullivan

Since then, he starred in a VH1 special, I Hate My 30s. He also brought the character back for the FCKH8 pro-equality and anti-racism campaign.


Source: YouTube | liamkylesullivan

9. William Hung

In 2004, he appeared on a American Idol, and performed Ricky Martin’s hit single “She Bangs”. While he certainly didn’t receive a yes from all the judges, he did attempt a singing career.


Source: The Star

In 2011, he decided to give up on the singing business altogether and became a crime analyst for the LA Country Sheriff’s Department.



10. Tay Zonday

Tay, real name Adam Nyerere Bahner recorded the song “Chocolate Rain” and released it on YouTube in 2007. His deep voice definitely stood out.


Source: Cnet

He is still working on YouTube and TV shows, and he’s still keeping himself in the spotlight.


Source:Epic Rap Battles of History

11. Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid, whose real name is Ghyslain Raza, rose to popularity after his classmates found a video of him doing Star Wars moves with a golf club.

The video was released on the internet and it became one of the first ever viral videos.


Source: Christ and Pop Culture

He dropped out of high school and was forced to get professional help because of the video. He is now a spokesperson for stopping and preventing cyber bullying.


Source: PPCorn

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