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Alcohol And Cheating: Family Vlogger’s Life Is Going Down The Drain


If you haven’t heard of Shaycarl, he’s a vlogger YouTuber who does chilled out, relaxed, and cute vlogs with his wife and five beautiful children.

Although recently, a massive downturn in his life meant he had to go on hiatus.

The 36-year-old, whose real name is Shay Carl Butler, tweeted to his 840k followers that he recently started drinking again, and that it had spiraled into alcohol addiction.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” Carl wrote on Twitter. “I thought I was able to escape addiction & its associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life-long disease.”

But that’s not the only downfall that Shay is facing. The so-called “cam girl” Aria Nina exposed the vlogger by publically revealing some incredibly graphic and NSFW messages that he had sent to her.

Nina actually tweeted all of those texts to Shay’s very own wife, Colette Butler.

Nina explained that she did so because “he said [she] was disgusting because [she] said his kid was adorable in a nice normal way.” We won’t show you the extremely NSFW notes, but here’s something else she posted as proof the DMs were really coming from him:

If you guys don’t believe me hope this helps haha karma

— Aria Nina (@AriaNina_) February 12, 2017

She also claimed that she has videos of the vlog star pleasuring himself.

A few hours after he was “exposed”, he tweeted the aforementioned long message on Twitter. While this isn’t necessarily an admission of the cheating claims, the timing is more than coincidental.

We’re just glad the entire family will stand by the patriarch’s side to fight this incredibly tough period of his life. It’s sad, because Shay and Colette recently celebrated their 14 year anniversary, and as we mentioned before, they have five beautiful children together.


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