The Voice Judge Slams The Button When She Sang The First Note Of Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Loving You’

The voice of Holland

Jennie Lena treated the audience when she appeared on the sixth season of “The Voice of Holland” for her blind audition. She completely blew away the judges and audience after a single note of Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You.”

She stunned everyone with her pitched voice laced with impressive vibrato during the breathtaking performance.

Two of the judges slammed the red buttons the very moment she opened her mouth. And the other two did the same before she even finished belting out the first note. All four watched Lena giving a jaw-dropping performance grinning from ear to ear.

Her presence on the stage was a real blessing for everyone.

The cheers from the audience continued to grow as she showed her extremely impressive voice control and vibrato skills.

She kept everyone with baited breath, performing on the stage while her excited family watched from backstage. Lena took all the reactions and applause from the public amazingly well. Although she was awesome in 2010, Lenas 2015 audition on “The Voice” is one to remember.

Perez Hilton was completely right calling it “the best audition ever.”

Source:The voice of Holland

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