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The Voice Of Your Partner Can Tell If They Are Cheating


Cheating is a sensitive topic, due to the fact that it is fundamentally wrong but that doesn’t mean it will stop some people from doing it!

Nothing good ever comes out from cheating. As a matter of fact, it can drive people crazy and leave them in ruins. But let’s say you had a way of finding out your partner is cheating on you. Would you dare and do it? According to a recent scientific study, there is possible a way to determine if your partner is loyal to you.

Furthermore, this is a scientific study which can reportedly identify cheaters. According to it, the voice of your partner, or more exactly their tone, is the only thing you need to listen to in order to determine if your partner is a cheater.

Susan Hughes and Marissa Harrison are the women who are conducting this study. They put together a group consistent of 152 undergraduate students and tested them.

The group was made of 64 men and 88 women. All of them sat down and listened to voice recordings and decided if the people they were hearing had ever cheated or not.

“Evidence suggests that many physical, behavioural, and trait qualities can be detected solely from the sound of a person’s voice, irrespective of the semantic information conveyed through speech.”

Everything you say can be taken in account when determining whether your partner has been sincere and loyal.

The test subjects had to listen to people reading numbers and decide if they are listening to a cheater. Furthermore, all of the people on the recordings were in relationships and half of them confessed they had cheated before. Since, it was determined that people could actually guess if they were listening to a person who has cheated.

From this a question arises-is the test rather reliable? The authors admitted additional research needs to be done before the test can be 100% accurate.

“While we cannot exactly pinpoint all the features about a voice that our perceptual system is using to make this assessment, we know that pitch plays a role, but does not represent the entire picture.”



Source: Auntyacid

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