The Voice Kids Winner Gave An Awe-Inspiring Auditioning Performance

The Voice Kids Winner Gave An Awe-Inspiring Auditioning Performance


13-year-old Lukas Janisch, The Voice Kids star, stunned the jury when he gave an awe-inspiring performance of Alica Keys’ Fallin.

He and his family are Austrian residents, but since Austria doesn’t have this talent show, Lucas decided to compete in the German version of The Voice Kids.

Lukas stepped out from backstage and took his place at the piano which was positioned mid-stage.

As soon as he hit that opening note, the jury and the audience knew that they were in the presence of a rising star.

performance 1

The young singer-instrumentalist was accompanied by a live backing band. What’s worth noting is that Lukas didn’t stay faithful to the original, but made the composition completely his own by rendering his own take on the piece.

His parents were cheering him on from backstage.


Judge Lena Meyer-Landrut was the first to give the young gentleman a resilient welcome. You could tell that she was experiencing serious goosebumps during the performance.

The other judges took notice too. Both of the remaining judges gave him a ‘yes’ on their behalf.

performance 2

Music is the universal language through which we are all connected on a deeper, more instinctual level. Emotions that are caused during an incredible piece of music can be overwhelming and nerve-shattering.

Watching the video, I truly feel like Lukas has a strong sense of the talent he carries and the way he affects the audience with his voice and the prowess of his chosen musical instrument.

He really struck a chord that night.

A YouTube user commented under the video:” Feeling sad for the other kids who came expecting they can win this season, this kid just already win.”

He was not far away from the truth. Lucas went on to win the entire competition.

“Where does he come from? I just wanna say one and the only thing about his audition: perfect. His voice is so freaking addictive”, commented YouTube user Xuan Truong.

Source:The Voice Kids , tiphero

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