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26 Wonderfully Wacky Weirdos In The World Of Walmart


Welcome to the wonderful world of Walmart. You can find anything in there. Literally. All sorts of products: foodstuffs, clothes, electronics, furniture, tires for your car… You name it, they have it. However, this unbelievably wide array of goods is not the main reason for the cult status the store enjoys on the Internet.

The prices are very reasonable. You can always find a bargain in Walmart. It’s your best option if you want to save some cash. Still, this isn’t the reason for Walmart’s worldwide fame either.

Then, what is?


It’s the people.

Walmart is frequently visited by the weirdest, wackiest and whimsiest people. No-one knows why. That’s just the way it is. Apparently, Walmart has this inherent quality that attracts all sorts of oddballs. Maybe it’s because you can buy everything in one go, maybe it is the low prices, but these reasons just don’t seem to hold water for me. Maybe it’s the fluorescent lighting… Hmm… Anyway, who cares about the explanation. Let’s just look at the funny pictures.

1. Self checkout


When I said, “check her out,” I didn’t mean it literally!

2. Foxy!


What does the fox say? This man must have the answer!

3. Mini mini dress


Umm… Lady? I think you forgot your pants…

4. Quit beaching!


I thought Wallmart was supposed to have everything. Where’s the bloody beach?!

5. Sh- happens


There goes her dignity right down the toilet.

6. I’m sexy and I know it


And now the whole world will know it too!

7. Pretty in pink…


It seems we have a repeat of the ‘forgot-me-pants’ case. Hope this is the last one…

8. The Eagle has landed!


What is it with Americans and patriotism anyway? I mean, I love my country, but I have never worn the flag…

9. How about no?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He hopes.

10. Short and sweet…


Ah, my hope was wasted. Here we have another specimen of the ‘pants are optional’ type. At least the previous ones had what could technically be described as a ‘dress…’

11. Taste the rainbow


Straight out of an anime.

12. A low cut top


What does grandma have between her breasts? Her navel!

I’m so sorry… No offence?

13. Great attention to de-tail


Crikey! A rare sighting of the female dinosaur! What a beauty! Careful! Don’t scare it!

14. Brace yourselves!


Naked butts are coming!

15. You missed a spot


All I can think of is Andy from Parks and Rec. “Sometimes when I wipe… and I wipe and I wipe… It’s like I’m wiping a marker or something…”

16.What are you looking at?


What do two eyes, a guy mowing the lawn, two scorpions, and a spider web have in common?

17. What is seen…


… cannot be unseen. Oh, God, why?

18. He just woke up like this


Is it Johnny Bravo though? Or does he have a presidential look?

19. That dress is… umm… a nice colour?


Oh no! Her tights are ripped! How embarrassing!

20. With great power comes great responsability


Hey! Don’t laugh at her! She’s obviously a superhero!

21. Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus


Coming up on Supernatural: the Winchesters take a trip to Walmart.

22. Wild at heart


Sometimes you just have to let your inner leopard show…

23. Rapunzel?!


L’Oreal: for hair that lacks volume. You’re worth it.

24. I’m a Barbie girl


Is that a real person? Or a mannequin?

25. #Swag #Yolo


Man, these wanna-be gangstas are going too far. Or too low.

26. It’s always sunny in Walmart


I was going to the beach and I… took a wrong turn… and here I am at Walmart! It could happen to anyone…

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