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Wakeboarding Among A Pod Of Dolphins “One Of The Top 3 Afternoons” Of Windsurfer’s Life


A short 2-minute video of a woman wakeboarding among a pod of dolphins has been watched more than 18 million times, and after watching it, you will be surprised it does not have even more views!

The video, shot in the Gulf of California was uploaded in 2013 by Wyatt Miller, a pro windsurfer living in Mexico’s La Ventana village.

Source:Wyatt Miller

Miller, a beach life enthusiast, co-owns a windsurfing center called Pro-Windsurf La Ventana. Together with his partner, Tyson Poor, they provide fun activities for people interested in kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, sport-fishing and windsurfing.

On this particular day, Miller took his friend Rachael Callahan wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez, where a huge pod of dolphins was in full swing. The video shows Callahan surfing among dozens of aquatic mammals as her driver watches in amazement from his boat.

“We’re going to make a YouTube sensation out of this… we just got a billion hits. Keep filming,” he says.

Miller and Callahan recounted the unforgettable experience in a Skype interview with viral video show RightThisMinute.

“If I had a GoPro on me, you would be able to see that there were dolphins surrounding me under water, jumping beside me, and going in front of me,” Callahan said.

“We’ve been out a few times before and we’ve seen giant pods of dolphins sometimes even bigger than this,” Miller explained. “But on other trips, we didn’t bring the wakeboard or we had too many people on the boat to actually pull someone up.”

Although the video is just over two-minute long, the pair explained the whole adventure with the pod lasted for several hours. When asked whether she was nervous about plummeting in the water, Callahan quipped, “…I was just hoping they would take me away with them to become a mermaid or something.”


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