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36 Wal-Marters Being Sexy Between The Aisles


The website “People Of Walmart” delivers photos of the most obnoxious people found between the isles of the hypermarket’s stores between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States daily to the delight of thousands. Today we share a gallery of a Walmart species that can be described simply as sexy. NOT!

1. Liking it from behind, and proud of it

From the behind!

2. A hairy situation

Definitely not sexy at all!

3. Must have forgotten her shorts!

 Must have forgotten her shorts!

4. Making a grand entrance

Making a grand entrance.

5. Dress to stand out between the isles

Can’t miss her!

6. Trying to work it!

 Trying to work it!

7. Luenell from Borat

What kind of fashion is this?

8. Pointy boobs are must at Walmart

8. Got something stuffed in her boobs.

9. Mtn Dew him

Umm… No thanks

10. Save money, live better, take a nap on our premises

 Nap time!

11. Ballin’


12. Leaving shoppers with no doubt

Clarifying some things here.

13. Sexy and you know it


14. The star between the isles

This is just so wrong!

15. Can you wipe my memory?

 Can you wipe my memory?

16. A diehard fan

 Not SEXY!

17. Carts and baskets are so yesterday


18. Rolling hard!

Rolling Hard!

19. Hey lady, just grabbing some necessities for the beach

Why is she wearing that?

20. Working it!

Working it!

21. Still trying to rock the mesh!

Still trying to rock the mesh!

22. Natural eyebrows

Nice eyebrows

23. The wiener of the day

He’s a wiener!

24. Friday is bikini day

She is very brave for this one!

25. What a baby!

What a baby!

26. My neck, my back, my ***** and my crack

Maybe a little too much on show?

27. The Walmart superheroine

 She looks like some kind of super hero.

28. See-through pants are strongly encouraged

 They are maybe a little TOO see through?

29. Why not offer your services between the isles?


30. The Kermit the Frog look

The Kermit the Frog look.

31. The heels really top it off

The heels really top off the whole look.

32. When you can cover your belly button and your breasts with one line

Maybe a little too much on show?

33. Kenny Powers!

Lovin the mullet.

34. Is it the bra, the braces, the glasses, the pens, the necklace, the cap, or his belly?

You really don’t need a bra my friend.

35. The outfit, the breasts, the eyebrows, the hair or the glasses?

Urm… OK

36. Is she wearing diapers?!

There are no words….

Source: auntyacid

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