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Guy Offered To Sell His Walmart Vest To Black Friday Shoppers And The Internet Went Crazy

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What’s opposite of Thanksgiving day? Happiness, joy, people being thankful, enjoying the company of friends and family, and insane amounts of tasty food? That’s right – Black Friday. It’s the first day after Thanksgiving and marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Every year, the multinational retail corporation, Walmart, offers a plethora of mind-blowing deals and discounts both online and in stores for the biggest shopping day of the season. And you will definitely see a lot of people trampling on each other and abusing one another to get the discounted price on a flat screen TV or a gaming console.

After going through the motions year after year, one guy was smart enough to take advantage of this whole Black Friday situation.

Twitter user @OverlyLiked wanted to benefit from people’s greed and posted a Walmart vest on sale for $100. He tweeted that with his Walmart vest you can jump ahead of the crowds as a certified employee, or perhaps even get merchandise for free.

I’m selling this Walmart vest for $100. Use it to skip the line during Black Friday. You can even walk in, grab what you want, and walk out‍♂️.

— 6’4 (@OverlyLiked) November 20, 2017

Obviously, Twitter users thought this idea brilliant and the tweet went viral. Of course, OverlyLiked (sic!) was only joking and didn’t even had the vest in the first place.

However, people were still contacting him with offers in cash:

Soon after, others got the idea of putting their own work uniforms up for sale, with varying degrees of goofiness.


Also, some Best Buy and Targets employees offered their uniforms, too:

Others, yet, considered Walmart’s reaction upon stumbling upon the story and estimated the hypermarket chain wouldn’t get the joke:

Astonishingly, it not only caught the attention of Walmart managers, but it got them worried as well:

Doesn’t this look like the perfect Black Friday scam? Happy “shopping”!

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