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Quench Your Wanderlust In A Fully Furnished House On Wheels That Houses Six People


In the fall of 1960, the great American writer John Steinbeck took an epic road trip across the United States. His motive was simple – defy age, quench wanderlust and to rediscover his country once again.

Accompanied only by his poodle Charlie, he bought a pickup truck and mounted a custom camper-shell on top of it. This contraption was his Rocinante. This took him coast-to-coast and back, and gave birth to the legendary travelogue, ‘Travels With Charlie’ where he tells of his adventures on the road.

If you share Steinbeck’s lust for unknown paths, undiscovered cities, hidden mountains and forests, now you can have your Rocinante ready-made. The Rustic River Park Home is a small recreational vehicle. It can be both a home and a camper at the same time.

But this is no ordinary, generic, mass-produced camper van.


Every single one of these rustic homes is built tastefully, using classy wooden detailing and regular house sidings. Wooden walls and cabinets are included, as well as a stylish granite counter top kitchen fully equipped with stainless steel appliances.

The bedroom is equipped with large windows that let in loads of natural light. They come with bunk beds that can comfortably accommodate up to six people at a time.


This model is named Chattahoochee, after the river that separates the states of Georgia and Alabama. Every model is designed differently and pays tribute a different American toponym. Chattahoochee is 43 feet long, 11 feet wide, and perfect for a small family and their guests. You can own one of these fully furnished, ready to go mobile homes for a price between $32,265 to $$42,940.

Feeling that wanderlust already?



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