Korean War Veteran Taken Care Of By His Officer Friend

Korean War Veteran Taken Care Of By His Officer Friend


Officer Jon Sterling saved an old Korean war veteran diagnosed with on-set dementia from getting worse.

Erlanger Police Department Sgt. Sterling and Norm met around four years ago. Norm had called the police to report some suspicious activities in the area.

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The two became close friends right after that.

“He is a little bit eccentric and he has got a way about him that I really like…” said Jon.

Jon had been checking Norm on and off for four years now, and he made sure Norm had everything he needed to live his life peacefully.

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However, it had been a while since Jon’s last visit and when he came to visit him a couple of months ago he was shocked.

In the past, when he used to visit the old man, Norm would look, at least, decent, shaved and his hair short.

However, this time around Jon found Norm with his hair and beard absolutely overgrown.

“He looked like he hasn’t been taking a good care of himself”, said officer Sterling.

That was the point when Norm was diagnosed with an early on-set dementia. Needless to say, Norm didn’t have any family to take care of him.

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Now, dementia is truly a terrifying disease. It is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.

Imagine someone with dementia taking care of himself. That’s impossible! And officer Jon was very aware of that.

He applied for guardianship over the old man.

Not only does he make sure that Norm’s needs are being met on a daily basis, he also started a ‘go fund me’ account to cover the costs of his medication. Also, the money were to be raised so he can be accommodated into a facility that can offer him professional help.

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Some people are just amazing.


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