Watch What This Teen Does When He Meets A 2-Year-Old Girl In The Store


Megan Shufflebarger and her children were shopping at a Target in Lafayette. They were buying things for their daughter, Kinley, who soon would celebrate her birthday. The young Kinley, has made a list of all the things she wanted to have and suddenly a teenager overheard the conversation. He asked Kinley which doll did she like the most and she pointed at one.


Source:Facebook / Tario Fuller II

The boy walked off with the doll and soon came back with it in a bag. He handed the doll to Kinley, wished her a happy birthday and left.


Source:Facebook / Megan Diedam Shufflebarger

Megan was so speechless by this amazing gesture. She didn’t even know his name so she posted a picture and the story on Facebook in hopes she would find him and thank the boy. Megan finally learned the name of the teen was Tario Fuller II.


Source:Facebook / Megan Diedam Shufflebarger

Fuller is a freshman football player at Purdue University. Megan said that his one act of kindness has generated countless smiles and has softened hearts and inspired people across the country. Don’t you agree?


Source:Facebook / Tario Fuller II

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