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Watch This Woman Hide Her Under-Eye Circles With Turmeric (Yes, Turmeric)


Whether you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re working to hard or you just have shitty genes, dark circles under your eyes can affect your overall appearance to yourself and others….the time old question of ‘Are you tired?’ , takes on an extra dimension if you actually look tired/

Beauty Blogger Farah Dhukai has come up with a unique way to combat those damn dark circles with turmeric and buttermilk. Which sound like two ingredients that can get a job done!

But how? Dr. Lisa Donofrio, Associate clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine explains.

“Turmeric temporarily stains the skin yellow, which is an optical neutralizer for the color purple, just as green is for red,” but it’s not foolproof if your complexion is naturally light as “you don’t see the yellow so much because [Farah’s] skin is pigmented, but in lighter skin it could look a little too sallow.”

Another thing to consider, as  board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Christine Choi Kim, is the risk of putting spices near your eyes. First test for an allergic reaction somewhere other than your face as she advises doing a patch test – “Apply a little on the inside surface of your forearm, then wait a full two days to see if you have any allergic reaction”. Some cultures in South East Asia have been putting spices like turmeric on their face for centuries but in the absence of clinical trials it is not advisable.

So please  do the patch test and exercise caution.


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