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Watch How This Woman’s Baby Bump Looked Totally Different Through Her Second Pregnancy


Bethany, also known as @BethyG27 on Instagram, was pregnant with her first child and kept running up to 37 weeks. She gave birth to a healthy, sweet little boy, after a difficult labor. It was 44 hours and it actually took her 6 weeks to recover after giving birth.

After this horrible experience, she decided that during her pregnancy for the second time, she would manage things differently. Bethany this time,  focused on weight lifting instead of running. Here you can see her at 40 weeks.

Weighted surrenders! Nothing like some good bum burning. Kept it light weight and slow for obvious reasons. Grandma came over to watch my son so I could head out and get some miles in. So that’s what I’m doing! #40weekspregnant

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Even though she kept the same weight during the two pregnancies, she admits that weight lifting changed the way her bump looked the second time. On the left you can see her with the first born where she was focused on running and on the right, the picture was taken 41 weeks into her pregnancy, when she was more focused on weightlifting.

#6weekspostpartum today so time for some reflecting. The left is #40weekspregnant with my son, and the right is almost #41weekspregnant with my daughter. I gained the exact same amount of weight with both pregnancies, 33 lbs and my daughter ended up being about a pound bigger than my son. With my son I ran my entire pregnancy until 37 weeks but didn’t do any lifting. With my daughter, I lifted throughout and did some running on the side as well. In pregnancy in general… It didn’t make that big of a difference. My back and hips still killed towards the end. But in recovery and labor it has made ALL the difference. My sons labor was 44 hours long and it took me the full 6 weeks to recover and to begin even walking again. With my daughter labor was 5 hours and it took me about 5 days before I felt normal again and ready to go, hence why I’ve been incorporating working out again. I know some of this is normal with multiple births, but… I do think it goes to show if you work hard and consistent it does pay off. If your pregnant right now and wondering if its worth it to workout, it is! It is SO worth it and I am glad I pushed through every day of my pregnancy.

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She was fully recovered just 5 days after giving birth to a beautiful girl. Her second child was just one pound more than her first child. She now, pushes herself to work out when she used to nap.

Yeah… I’m a real mom. Post lower body workout pic for you showing what carrying an almost 9 lb baby did to my body. Someone posted on one of my pics the other day that I’m not a real mom. Over this last pregnancy I got a lot of negative comments daily. Im fat, anorexic, ugly, a hoe, selfish, disgusting… You name it, it was commented to me over the last 9 months. And to be honest I could care less about those comments. I just delete them and block them. But someone commenting on my post workout pic saying I’m not a real mom did bother me. Mainly because someone judged another persons outward appearance and used that to decipher whether or not I’m a real mom. Yes, I’m a real mom and I don’t need this extra skin or stretch marks to prove it. I’m posting this pic I because I struggle too and I purposely edited this picture to put my stretch marks on FULL display. I don’t know if these will fade any or how things will settle in the next months, but let’s not judge another standing based on how they look on the outside. Now excuse me while this real mom goes and rocks her baby back to sleep while covered in spit up 😉 #5weekspostpartum #byefelicia

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This should be an inspiration to all the pregnant moms out there. She really did a good job!

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